Samsung Introduces Ad-Free Streaming Music Service

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March 10 (Bloomberg) -- Grey Advertising Executive Vice President and Music Director Josh Rabinowitz and Bloomberg’s Jon Erlichman discuss Samsung’s foray into the music streaming business on Bloomberg Television's “In The Loop.” (Source: Bloomberg)


What is so different with this?

It is not free.

They're going to see if it works.

It is called milk and we hope it does not spoil.

Others are ad free.

Those you have to pay for.

Anything about spotify or beats, you have to pay for that as well.

To expect samsung will go into ad sponsored music question mar?

They have said that they will but they have not announced or when they will.

What is so unusual about this?

I am cheap.

I hate to pay for these services.

I prefer the free radio versions.

The biggest difference is the user interface.

They are using another service as the backbone for where the music is coming from.

They feel that if it is like a spinning wheel, you can use your finger and scroll around to see the genre.

They are talking about if you are listening to a certain type of music it might play a little bit of a song automatically to entice you to listen.

As i said, i will use the radio version of spotify.

I will use pandora on my iphone.

I will use the service that apple has.

The key to keep people interested is if they properly place the ads.

As soon as you hear an ad, it is possible that you just leave.

That is why they want to leave the ads out for now.

I think they went to get -- give people another reason to buy one of their devices.

Maybe there is no incentive.

If their incentive is we just want to get people to buy galaxy phones.

That is the real purpose.

That is my opinion as well.

They are utilizing music and content to create a lifestyle brand.

They have been successful with their marketing.

Think about allen at the oscars.

They have been -- think about alan --ellen at the oscars.

There is an argument that artists should not participate in streaming.

They are getting screwed.

They get slivers of pennies.

They can negotiate better deals and they have a rights management people that are doing that.

They can handle it in a unique way and set up a way where people can make money.

You mentioned the other services that you use.

If you have a galaxy phone, can't to use other radio streaming services on that phone?

You don't have to use milk.

We should clarify that samsung has been in the subscription business already.

They are taking the next step because everybody else has.

They will probably hope that by having the app for now, you have to download it through google play, maybe that gives you one less reason to download something like pandora or spotify.

It will be difficult because there are so many players.

Just before this when we were talking about the fact that beatz is getting into the streaming service.

Everybody is battling for each other's times.

With all these companies battling, will the be some sort of can -- consolidation?

I deftly think a company like beatz is an important player.

They have trent resin or -- res nor involved.

It has gone up in the u.k.. it is come up in sweden.

It is the most prominent way that he will get their music.

It is ripe for consolidation, that is for sure.

Thank you so much to him at.

It is good to see you again.

Thank you to jon erlichman.

Thank you, john.

The search for the search -- missing malaysian jet continues.

The plane disappeared three days ago.

Stay "in the loop erric." ?

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