Samsung ‘Galaxy Gear’ Dependent on Ecosystem

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Sept. 05 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg’s Caroline Hyde reports on the launch of Samsung’s Galaxy Gear and her hands on experience with the watch. She speaks on Bloomberg Television’s “On The Move.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Is it going to change my life will i buy one?

If you are a sportsman, it could be a real asset.

It is in competition with the fuel band and has some funky features.

It is certainly very lightweight . i like the look of it.

You are style-conscious.

It had a slick feel.

A slick black face to it.

I like it.

It was nice -- the gold one i was watching.

-- wearing.

They have some 70s on offer.

We were locked into a cell-like room.

There were germans just journalists who were allowed to be wearing this new galaxy gear.

I could not get into the apps to see if they really work.

I did test the camera.

It is built and embedded in the strap.

That is a cool feature.

It is easy to use.

I liked the feel of it.

The big disappointment is that you have to own the galaxy note three.

Or, you have to upgrade your s-4 phone.

You have to be part of the samsung ecosystem in order to use this all stop it does not work independently.

That has been a crucial letdown.

Is it part of the family much mark --? what was the last one like?

The fanfare was there.

A were trying to look to the hype because there has been some elites about this particular galaxy deal.

How can he stir the excitement?

They had a band playing and fans wearing a galaxy capsules and cheering.

They have champagne and they have orchestras playing.

They had slick choreography going on.

Have you seen steve jobs.

Have you seen tim cook lead and orchestra?

You have films of baz lerman and alexandra wang.

All of these people.

The galaxy product.

When did you ever need that with apple?

It seems like they are trying to hard much mark i think that looks like a pretty stunning event.

The marketing department has a bigger budget.

Hairline, we will talk to you later on.

We learned this morning that they sold their remaining facebook shares.

What does that mean?

Why does that name matter?

His that she is russia's richest man.

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