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Aug. 14 (Bloomberg) -- Sanford C. Bernstein Senior Research Analyst Mark Newman discusses smartphone fingerprint technology and growth with Emily Chang on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg West." (Source: Bloomberg)

It seems nice for the enterprise.

What we have heard is in asia there is issues with potentially the yield.

We're hearing the production seems to be a little bit delayed and do it to the technology, which seems to have some issues.

I do not know how severe it is, but seems to be delaying things a little bit.


Could that delayed the event?

I did not think it will delay the event.

Normally it will happen six months -- six weeks before.

We would expect early august for it to be in mass production.

This is only happening at a small pace and not at full speed yet.

What are the implications of fingerprint technology?

I know of plenty of people who do not even have a passport on their phone.

You see this more as an advantage?

I have to have an eight digit password and have to change it every month.

If i could just put my finger on that, it would be a big savings for me.

Also, paying for things.

Rather than dig out your credit card number, if you could use your finger print to pay for things.

Why would this technology be delaying the iphone?

I do not know the details.

I have heard there is a yield issue.

I do not really know the details.

Do you think samsung is interested in fingerprint technology?

To go i would assume so.

I would be very surprised if we will not see it from samsung.

If not this year, next here really.

We are seeing flowing and samsung smart on growth.

What is the real story?

I i think the main story is more that the smart phone market is becoming more mature so growth is slowing down.

It is becoming saturated.

Increasingly revenue is coming from the low end, which is not as profitable.

They're still making margins in the low end, but operating profit per ton is much lower.

How is simpson stand different than what apple is seeing?

To go-- how is samsung different than what apple is seeing?

Apple is 100% of the high end.

The slowdown will impact more severely.

It is already pretty well diversified.

-- term, as increasing portion of the growth is coming from the low end of the market, everyone should shift the down market if they want to maintain share.

That will bring down margins.


Mark newman, senior research analyst, thinks he for weighing in today.

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