Samsung Beats Apple to the Smartwatch Punch

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Sept. 4 (Bloomberg) –- Bloomberg’s Jon Erlichman and Editor-In-Chief David Cogen discuss Samsung’s new Galaxy Gear smartwatch and making wearable tech “cool”. They speak with Pimm Fox on Bloomberg Television's "Taking Stock." (Source: Bloomberg)

This is "taking stock" for september 4, 2013. i am pimm fox.

This hour, we will focus on what is new from football to fashion to flying.

Businesses that offer fresh ideas for old industries.

Speaking to the chief executive defined how the airline is making moves around the world.

It is fashion week beginning tomorrow in new york city.

You me individual -- meet individual educating the next calvin klein.

Also, cal ripken junior.

And come carl banks on what it takes to succeed in today's challenging sports environment.

A closer look at today's market headline, let's go to carol massar.

The big u.s. jobs report, ben bernanke and the federal reserve are releasing they spoke business survey showing that americans are spending more on cars than housing which is helping the economy.

Apple is said to be raising bonuses for its portfolio managers by 3.5 percentage points.

This comes in the face of a hedge fund facing money- laundering lawsuits.

We have a bloomberg exclusive, photos of jeff bezos meeting with "the washington post." he agreed to will -- thank you.

The president's call for congress to authorize a military strike against.

Has its first hurdle today.

A final green light is far from certain.

Peter cook has the latest.

The foreign relations committee officially is on board, correct?

At least a majority is on board.

A vote today set the stage for a final vote in the full senate next week.

Today showing just how difficult the balancing act he is trying to pull off here.

A final tally, 10-7. the resolution they voted on, limited strike against the syrian government.

It bars the use of u.s. ground troops, and includes new language for the syrian opposition as requested by senator mccain.

I hope the message comes through from this committee meeting and the floor of the senate and house that this congress, democrats and republicans, are resolute when it comes to discouraging and stopping the spread of chemical weapons weapons of mass destruction.

One of the yes votes, dick durbin.

The full senate when i approve this resolution.

He hopes the house will consider the language.

That is by no means a certainty.

Winning it will be harder in the house than in the senate.

They face some pushback from the house of representatives.

What is going to happen?

Wax he saw pushback today.

They are weary of war on the syrian mission.

Voices were heard on a hearing on capitol hill.

It was the house foreign affairs committee, john kerry and chuck hagel, and martin mc testifying in front of the committee trying to sell them on the military action, facing more tough scrutiny.

This will not start -- this will not stop the butchering and killing.

What is the endgame here?

Where is the imminent danger to the united states?

You are correct that it will not stop the butchering.

I wish it would.

What it will do is what it is intended to do.

It is intended to assert the principal, which has been in place since 1925, that no one should use chemical weapons under any circumstance.

The sales pitch will continue to the closed- door committees.

We could see the first vote to come after that.

The president's work is still to be done here.

He's overseas at the g 20 making the case to international partners.

Thank you, peter cook.

Reporting from washington.

On the serious to the less than serious.

Samsung unveiling its galaxy gear, a wristwatch that commit telephone calls and take photos.

Here to help us understand this, we have jon erlichman.

And, the editor-in-chief of

A wristwatch that takes photographs and makes telephone calls, and surfs the web.

This is a miniature computer you get to where -- wear.

Kind of.

It is reliant on another device.

For now, they are conscious on the surfing the web thing.

They are allowing for phone calls.

Heading into this announcement, we talked about possibility that here would be a companion it -- a companion device.

Many people who have a smart phone and don't want to pull that smartphone out of their pocket, but you want to see your e-mails quickly, you want to see who was calling you, and you want to check twitter or facebook, maybe this is a product that is going to excel.

This device, when paired with another device, the note 3. bigger than a phone, smog and a tablet.

It probably makes toast to.


If you buy that device, and you buy the watch, you could get the smart watch experience.

They are not however making this a device that seamlessly integrates with other samsung smartphones or other devices.

They didn't go that extra step, which was potentially in a position to sell a lot of interesting smart watches.

It can do cool stuff.

This a fast-growing product.

Does this turn anyboydy's head?

I had a little ipod.

There is excess recombined to put the ipod on you and watch videos.

Why is this a big deal?

Wax in certain niche s it is a bigger deal.

I am torn.

You sound underwhelm.

I am torn.

It takes a lot to excite me.

How many phones have you used?

13 mobile phone devices.

But no watches.

Now you're going to have to put a watch him.

I want to see how this thing works.

The concept is very -- it seems too nerdy for your mainstream people.

It's kind of does -- it is a companion.

He brings -- it doesn't really replace much.

It replaces having to take the phone out of your pocket.

Doesn't compete against nike that sell bands that you where -- wear.

This is the niche.

Those people are used to wearing these devices on their wrists already.

They do not have to worry about how they're going to look.

They are expected to look away when they working out.

Wraps also the health market.

I would say couple of other things.

Google has a lot of attention for google glass, a product that has not made available to the masses yet.

Google is learning a lot in the process.

It might be that samsung gets the headlines of what is coming out, lots of publicity tied to this.

Maybe by limiting, they avoid any that headlines about how this didn't integrate well with other smart phones.

They learn about how people are going to use this.

We have to think about a world where you are moving from one screen to another.

We are comfortable with this.

When i spoke with one of the executives today, they were saying this is not taking from that other phone and putting it on your watch, if you're getting information about where you were going, that is going to translate into a different functionality on the watch itself.

It is going to help you in the direction.

You will have the watch attached to a gps device so you will never have to turn that on?

Through bluetooth, the gps functionality is coming to the phone.

What you get on the watch mummy more relevant to what you need on the watch at that time.

Maybe an arrow pointing, or something like that.

Samsung is making a big investment.

Sony has already made a big investment.

There are smart companies that have made a lot of investments.

Apple has been working on this kind of technology.

They have been -- they have an event coming up.

There was a trifecta of releases.

There was the watch, the tablet , and then there is the 10.1, the actual tablet.

Any of those worthy competitors to apple?

Here is the problem.

You are getting competitive with the other ones.

Really, you are not competing against these devices as such.

I find it written that someone is using the device that they are going to switch just because a watch came out for this device.

It is more so for the people who are already in that ecosystem, in the android ecosystem.

Is this enough to get them to drop the one they have?

Or add to their collection.

Like the other big thing about the wearable tech is that there is a cool factor.

I am a nerd.

I love the concept of this.

I wanted.

I just wanted.

But, i am that demographic.

They're going to have the struggle were they have to make it cool.

To wear this, to talk to it, to use it.

I want to thank you very much.

Thank you for traveling out east for this.

If you have played 2600 games in a row, you would have a few bruises.

Next, cal ripken junior on what it took to break lou gehrig's played games record.

? my next guest, and hall of famer.

He holds an american sports record that will never be broken.

Cal ripken junior, they are man joins us now -- the iron man joins us now.

Good to have you with us on bloomberg.

Let's start out by understanding why a are you at the under armour stadium with the nfl?

It seems kind of weird that a baseball player is here talking about safety and concussions.

Kevin plank has been a longtime friend.

He asked me to come here today.

It is very important, no matter which sport you are talking about, to raise awareness and talk about how you play the game, and talk about concussions as a reality in baseball.

I just thought it was a good thing to be a part of.

You have personal experience.

How many times you recall being hit by a ball?

I was trying to figure that out earlier.

I have been hit in the head maybe seven times.

It happened to be a fastball that got away from the pitcher.

I got hit in the head pretty hard.

I probably had some sort of concussion symptoms that were unrecognized.

I guess, in some ways, to play these games, that is the message i tried to deliver to the kids today.

Sometimes you have to use common sense.

It is honorable to push through and play with injuries, but it is not so smart if those injuries happen to be of your head or something of a serious nature.

It was the message you want to get across to the kids.

Is there something that players and football can learn from the experience of baseball players about dealing with these kinds of concussion issues?

I am not so sure.

The data -- today was a good learning experience for me.

I think by sharing information, opening yourself up to no matter what sports, and creating more ideas that produces more ideas, that was the challenge that was put before everyone today.

I would imagine examining symptoms, when a player gets hit in the head, or a guy would slide into me and i would need them in the helmet.

Accidentally, but that is a hard force that is traumatic.

I would imagine there is some data that baseball can share with football, and vice versa, so they can help treat the athletes.

What about the pressure that athletes face currently.

A lot have turned to steroids and performance-enhancing drugs.

That is a response to not only the game, but also to the fan base that wants people to always perform at a hundred percent.

How do you manage that?

I know the pressure is to make it.

The pressures to make money.

My personal opinion is that if you are short of talent, a lot of the people will choose to actually -- because they wanted so bad, they'll make bad decisions along the way.

That is more the issue than pressure to play every single day.

I know by playing those games in a row, i was considered an everyday player.

I was fortunate enough to understand what a nagging injury was.

Instead of a major injury.

The more medical information to have, the more data we have to help make better decisions on when to plan not to play, it is important.

I'm wondering if you're going to share some of your conditioning, or how do you stay healthy based on the fact that you have played over 2600 games.

I do not know if i am staying healthy in my post-playing career.

Your body is banged up a little bit when you play that long, for sure.

My back and knees will never be the same.

Overall, the lesson that i would give to kids is you have to prepare yourself, be in shape, and take care of yourself.

You have to sleep.

Those things are very important to be a professional athlete.

Some of those things are common sense.

Some of those things have been necessities you have to do to get stronger, to get faster, to get better.

You cannot make it to just because you have the talent.

Have to make it because you apply yourself and you want to very bad.

Are the baltimore orioles going to make it this year?

They are a good team.

They do not have the magic that they had last year, but they are in the games all the time.

They have a good nucleus.

It has experience.

They are in the mix right now.

It is amazing the yankees have come back.

The orioles have a great chance in the month of september.

I would consider them a playoff caliber team.

Thank you very much.

Hall of famer, orioles legend.

We will talk about a different kind of iron coming up.

U.s. auto sales in august rising to highs not seen in recent years.

We will talk to the former chief executive of autozone about what to tell us about the future of the u.s. economy.

? august was a banner month for gm, ford, and toyota.

Sales of cars and trucks rose 15% at gm, more than 20% at toyota, and 10% for ford.

More and what these numbers mean for the economy, and the businesses that sell into the automobile industry.

The presidency the executive of economic development joining us from washington.

He is the former chief executive of office depot and autozone.

Good to have you with us.

What about the mobile sales?

Is this a long-term trend?

We had double-digit growth last month.

The 41st months of consecutive growth year-over-year double- digit sales.

We're at an annual pace of 15.5 million units.

All that sounds great.

It is masking and the -- it is masking underlying weakness in the economy.

We had the big crash at the financial crisis at 9 million.

There was a gap year from where we were, and there is a 20 million unit difference in that crash.

We still have a long way to go to make up the difference.

We have an aging fleet.

An average age of vehicle on the road is about 12 years old.

It used to be eight years old.

We have a long way to go to catch up.

While everything sounds great, the problem is that we at the committee for economic development are worried about the underlying economy.

It is not strong.

This is not driven by economic growth.

It is driven by need.

If the u.s. -- if it is going to go to the 20 million units, is in this good for investors who have yet to get into automobile stocks?

If that happens, and we grow back and make up the deficit, it could be good for automobiles.

It is especially good when you have an aging fleet out there.

It is good for the auto parts retailers who are trying to keep up with the aging fleet.

The bigger issue is, this -- if it was a leading indicator, we would feel better about it.

The trouble ms.

We are not even keeping up with the vehicles coming off the road.

You would hope to see a lot more.

You have very low interest rates . a one percent financing rate.

The number one vehicle out there are pickup trucks, which means it is driven by necessity with the working trucks having to be replaced.

This is not saying the economy is great.

We have to drive on.

It is 26 minutes past the hour.

Market rally today.

The dow up --

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