Sallie Krawcheck: I Banked My First Big Paycheck

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Feb. 12 (Bloomberg) -- In today’s “5 Burning Questions,” Sallie Krawcheck, owner at 85 Broads, opens up about overcoming a career setback and what she did with her first big paycheck on Bloomberg Television’s “In The Loop.”

What is your guilty pleasure?

White wine.

That's it?

What's wrong with that?

Mine is much worse.

Every night.

I gave it to my dog this morning.

Whether i need it or not.

Number 2 -- advice for overcoming a career setback?

Pick yourself back up.

Just keep showing up.

There really is something about not giving up.

It's hard to beat somebody won't give up.

It can hurt.

Have that glass of white wine, wake up the next day, maybe give yourself one day and pick yourself back up.

Now that you spend in enormous amount of time with women at different points in their career, is there a recurring theme or question or issue you seem to be faced with all the time with women you speak to?

We know them.

It's how do i live that life that i want to live?

For many women, they talk about meaning and purpose.

They want to find out and what they do day after day.

Are we asking that too much?

I'm not sure if my father or husband ever has said if they are living the life they want to live.

They just get up and go to work and supporting the family.

I think it's an individual question.

For you, it it might be that i am getting up and going and i will not reflect on it.

We have more time -- i have -- i spend very little time self reflecting britain what advice would you give your 22-year-old self?

What would you have said yourself five years ago?

You are really about to get married?

I did.

I got married at 25. you graduated and you got married, that's what you did.

That is the age range that matt dates women.

I was waiting for that.

Here we go -- what is your best wealth management tip?

It depends on who it is too.

For gentlemen, it is please don't trade so much prefer women, it is -- are you taking on another risk in order to get the types of returns you will need because you live 6-8 years longer than guys?

I like toys -- the first thing you bought with your first real wall street sized paycheck.

I paid my rent.

That's not a toy.

Your first legitimate bonus -- even if you work your buns off, you said holy schneike - i put it in the bank.

I started on wall street in the 1980s when they laid off people in september who had been hired with me in august.

I was 22 years old and my parents did not give me money.

I was scared to death that i was going to get fired and have to declare bankruptcy at the age of 22. that's a good safe answer.

I was looking for something that you buy.

You want me to make something up?

You were scared to death you're going to get fired.

Do you think your male counterparts had that much self- doubt?

I did not ask them.

Looking back on it -- to be fair, they were firing people and doing layoffs every handful of weeks, it would've

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