SABMiller Scales Up on Sustainability

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July 9 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg’s Caroline Hyde reports on SABMiller’s sustainability efforts. The company’s Africa Managing Director Mark Bowman also speaks on “The Pulse.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Hefty targets.

I might add that this is a company that is cutting costs out of the business.

They are cutting a carbon footprint.

Get this, they are going from grain to glass.

50%. half the target.

It is about efficiency and reducing it to keep it to a minimum.

Now, there are many other parts of this focus point, as they call it.

I got to speak to the managing director of sabmiller and he talked about the targets.

These are important areas and these are commercial realities for us.

Much of africa and the world has water as a big issue.

We cannot just take water out of the system without thinking about the water needs of what we operate in.

We work much closer.

We are reducing our water usage and being more proactive and planning.

We have brees.

-- breweries.

If we can reduce carbon footprint, we reduce cost.

That is evident.

More easy to swallow.

He says it is beneficial.

We know they come from south africa.

33 percent of the business is in south africa.

It is impressive how they feel like a corporate citizen.

This is a company that is innovating.

They are going to farmers and seeing what they grow naturally to help them produce beer from that.

They get them doing it without making home breweries.

They have a taste for our call and support the small farmer.

It is a nice meeting of minds.

You talk about the business.

Where do you see it going?

What are the numbers?

They are looking for road because this is a company that has seen downturn in europe and united states.

They want to increase their foothold in the markets and we talked a bit about it.

He has roots in germany and he says that latin america and the competitors in brazil will feel the a fax.

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