Russians Want to Take All of Ukraine: Klitschko

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March 21 (Bloomberg) -- Vitali Klitschko, a former boxing champion and one of the pro-Western political leaders in Ukraine, discusses the Ukraine crisis with Ryan Chilcote on Bloomberg Television's "Bottom Line." (Source: Bloomberg)

The main goal is the capital of ukraine, kiev.

Without ukraine, russia -- cannot remain in power.

You really think that the russians want to take kiev?

The russians want to take all of ukraine.

I am more than sure.

President putin told parliament, yes, kiev is old russian city.

Yes, crimea is russian, parts of russia, the history of the people.

That is why i think the main goal is to take all of ukraine.

Presumably if the russians want to take eastern, southern ukraine, kiev, they can easily do that, right?

Yes and mia.

-- no.

From the military side, the russians have huge potential.

Much more tanks, much stronger air force, much bigger army than ukraine.

And actually, it is possible from one side.

From another side, it is impossible.

I talked to the ukraine military.

They understand the russian army is stronger.

But we stay and we defend our country.

Do you think given the closeness of russians and ukrainians -- you were discussing this earlier -- her father was a military man.

You grew up all over the soviet union.

The ties are aries wrong.

-- are quite strong.

Do you think they would shoot at one another if the politicians said to go to war?

We are different countries.

We are different place.

But we are close.

Not by war, but always by war.

For example, my family, i am half ukrainian, half russian.

My mom is from russia.

My wife, her father is from russia, her mother from ukraine.

We have friends from russia, a lot of loyalty in russia.

But anyway, we are different countries.

We have different history.

We have different goals.

Do you think you'll ever get crimea back question mark is it even worth it?

Is it even worth trying to take back crimea someday?

Someday, we have to show some good example.

We find the elliptical parts of our -- the political part of our agreement with the european union.

I'm sure in a short time we will make a good european reform and make better social standards and rebuild the infrastructure in ukraine.

This will be very good example.

Suppose so, the crimean's will want to join?

-- so, the crimeans will want to join?

Yes, it is true.

Do you agree that these european sanctions are light and will not accomplish much?

I understand the sanctions are painful for the european union, but they are much more tame full for russia.

Economic sanctions.

That is what you would like to see?

We would like to see economic sanctions.

Russia broke an agreement in 1994. if ukraine it give up -- add russia and united states and great britain work together to guarantee the independence and the immunity of ukraine, what happens right now?

The russians break all international rules.

These sanctions now, do you think they will not work?

I think the sanctions will work.

The ones that exist now, you think they will work?

It will work, but if it does not work, our european friends, we have different layers of sanctions.

To go to the economic sanctions.

A lot of people talk about the lawlessness in ukraine.

You had the clashes, some acquired weapons illegally.

Some do not want to give up the weapons.

At one of the political parties, for example.

How easy is it going to be to establish order in ukraine, to get things back to normal?

Because the police does not have the respect for the people.

It is very corrupt.

No one defends.

That is why we have the idea to build national -- national army?

National guardian.

National guardian army.

From zero with square rules.

And everyone who was to work for the country, who wants to defend the country, go to the army and this will be the official.

This is one of the ways how we can put order on the street.

A question for you -- you have elections coming up.

For you as a presidential candidate, how important for it -- for you is it that ukraine becomes art of the european union?

You know that is something it seems russia would not go for.

Definitely nato.

We have discussed right now about that.

We see un -- a bloc status that ukraine had 20 years ago does not work.

We should see these examples.

In 1981, the government falls down.

Our neighbor country that has the exact same position as to make deep steps to rebuild the infrastructure, to make reform in the economy.

I mean, the czech republic, hungary, georgia do it very good and very short period of time.

They make reform, but corruption.

It is a very good example for ukraine.

This is the main priority for our country.

If you become president, how will you rebuild relations with russia?

It's obviously important.

It is a big neighbor.

Can you do that?

It is very important to rebuild relationships with all country members.

I think everyone is interested to have one of the largest countries in europe with federal, political, and economic status.

I definitely -- we have to build good relationship, try to build good relationship with russia.

It will be very difficult.

With what russia has done with crimea.

Do you think you can after this is all over?

We have some idea to make crimea -- [indiscernible] it is no military forces anymore in crimea.

However we have to have a different layer of relationship.

And after that, have russia make

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