Russian Troops Fighting in Ukraine Right Now: Gen. Clark

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Aug. 29 (Bloomberg) –- Retired U.S. Army General Wesley Clark discusses President Obama’s strategy in dealing with the Islamic State in Iraq and the situation in Ukraine. He speaks on "Street Smart." (Source: Bloomberg)

Very very critical right now of the president and his lack of strategy, which he said.

When it comes to dealing with islamic state.

How do you view the situation, has he made a grave mistake?

I think that what we got to have is that we have to have leadership from the sunni arab states in the region.

The islamic state is a sunni arab phenomenon.

It is a religious phenomenon.

We cannot put u.s. soldiers on the ground to find it without adding gasoline to the fire.

We need saudi arabia and qatar to take the lead in this.

We have very important high-level meetings between those two countries and they are working to come up with something.

I suspect that they did not have a strategy.

He wants them to put the strategy together so that we can reinforce them.

They're putting u.s. ground troops in.

It is a no-no against this enemy.

That in and of itself should be classified as a strategy.

That would in fact be an actual fancy.

Do we need to be doing more overall, are you satisfied with the progress that the administration has seen?

Airstrikes will not be effective against the islamic state.

We do need a coalition of regional partners in their, we need them to take the lead.

Without them taking the lead, we are not likely to be as effective as we need to be.

The real threat, at the end of the line, the real threat of the islamic state is to saudi arabia and qatar.

The question whether them as wahhabi arab sunni states can motivate their citizens to stand up for their state without having them drawn in ideologically into this islamic jihadist state.

So, that is what is really working behind the scenes, trying to organize things.

Even though we don't feel like he should be patient and everyday hurts us, there is no doubt that the islamic state is making use of every day.

Still, we have got to get this right, not just throwing a bunch of bombs in their direction.

I want to go to another crisis that is in the news, ukraine.

President obama said that military intervention was not on the table for addressing the ongoing conflict between russia and ukraine.

We are not taking military action to solve the problem.

What we're doing is to mobilize the international community to apply pressure on russia.

But, i think it is very important to recognize that a military solution will not be coming.

The yuan is not always effective.

Everything u.s. touches turns out like libya and iraq.

The u.n. cannot be a foreign-policy tool for the u.s.. general clark, your response to some of these common?

He has had a long-term strategy to take apart ukraine and reincorporate it into what he calls the new soviet union.

That is what he wants.

That is what he is undertaking now falls off he uses stealth, deception, lies and of course the lies of his soldiers who were intervening.

Maybe 5000 troops are fighting in units inside of eastern ukraine right now despite all of what cutin says.

He is trying for a military solution for the problem.

I think what nato and the u.s. has to do is help ukraine fight back.

Ukraine is fighting a battle for the right to have its own government.

There are 45 million people there.

This is not serious, this is not jihadist him.

This is a standby nation that wants to be democratic against a dictator.

This that mean helping them by supplying them with arms?

Does that mean actually sending u.s. troops over there?

What does it mean?

I would not put u.s. troops over there.

They have got plenty of flight -- fighting spirit.

They need some night vision equipment.

They need some training and assistance in organizing those forces and they need the support of their neighbors.

Make no mistake about it, ukraine's fight is nato's fight.

There's nothing to be gained by giving ukraine or eastern ukraine to putin.

The time to make the stand is now.

So, he doesn't get any momentum and so the nations of eastern europe and the members of nato

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