Russian Aid Convoy May Start Moving Into Ukraine

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Aug. 22 (Bloomberg) –- Bloomberg’s Hans Nichols reports on the Russian humanitarian aid convoy possibly making deliveries in Ukraine as early as today amid beefed up diplomatic efforts. He speaks to Manus Cranny on “Countdown.” (Source: Bloomberg)

300 russian trucks finally set to cross the border into ukraine as world leaders step up diplomatic efforts.

Our international correspondent, hans nichols, joins us from berlin.

Do we have any confirmation on when these deliveries may begin?

No, we expect it to happen later today.

What is happening on the ground is these convoys are being inspected by red cross officials.

They still want some assurance on the security guarantees inside eastern ukraine.

There is still a lot of fighting going on.

It is a dangerous situation.

A couple important developments happened late yesterday.

Ukraine's president, mr.

Poroshenko, he talked about the need for peace.

Here is what he said.

Ukraine is seeking peace, the whole world it tired of war.

This comes in the context of stepped-up diplomacy.

Angela merkel will be in kiev tomorrow.

Over the weekend, you will have that meeting between petro poroshenko and vladimir putin.

It is an opportunity to cool tensions, to figure out how you can have a cease-fire.

This is what was discussed between the russian foreign minister and the german foreign minister.

Lots of telephone diplomacy going on.

The meeting in makes, it should be interesting and it could cool tensions.

At the same time, yesterday was a difficult day for ukrainian forces.

They lost five shoulders -- five soldiers.

You are talking about fighting on the ground.

Give us an update in terms of kiev.

Talk of early elections as well.

They are talking about dissolving parliament on the 24th.

That is an important anniversary for ukraine.

25 years after they took their independence from the soviet union.

There is that on the parliament side.

The economy minister has resigned because he said a deputy was appointed without his consent.

The coalition, the ruling governing coalition in kiev seems to be fracturing.

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