Russia's Offer a Dramatic Way Out for U.S.: Sachs

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Sept. 10 (Bloomberg) -- Jeffrey Sachs, Earth Institute director at Columbia University, discusses the possibility of a diplomatic solution to a potential U.S. military strike against Syria. He speaks on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg Surveillance."

Missteps, is backpedaling.

Is he in a better place as he speaks tonight?

What has happened in the last day is dramatic in a way out, the way the president was heading was, first of all, toward congressional defeat all stopped the american people are screaming in this unified way as we ever do in this country, no, we don't want this.

We don't want to get deeper into it.


-- we don't want to get deeper into a serious war.

More violence, al qaeda, more instability.

Stay away.

That is what the american people have been saying.

Is isolation a strategy?

What i have been saying for weeks about this immediate crisis is that there is a diplomatic way out.

I was elated to see what happened yesterday.

The russians don't want chaos in syria anymore than the united states does.

The differences of interests of russia in the united states are much less than is usually said.

When i spoke with the u.s. diplomat in recent weeks, they said, no, no, it is not possible to do anything with russia.

I said, but they have a common interest.

Yesterday he really is a shaft of light.

It says there is a way forward, let's get these weapons under international control.

You don't need to bomb.

I think this is a breakthrough.

Interestingly, i think obama is grasping for it.

Let me put this up in the "new yorker" over the weekend.

I thought that was the essay of the weekend.

It has flip-flopped allover the positions on this.

You are in the g 20. what was your sense of the international response to the u.s. and the handling of the serious situation?

My guess is the diplomatic initiative yesterday was probably cooked and the g 20, though we don't really know what it looks like.

It was a bit of an accident with john kerry saying something and live rock saying something.

I bet there's more to the story than that.

In the g 20, the president has very little support.

Basically, cameron supported him, but cameron's country doesn't support him.

France, and some of the other european nations.

Hollande is very low opinion.

You had canada and australia.

The australia in government fell the next day.

It doesn't look so interested in all of this.

Jeffrey sachs with us for the entire hour.

We will talk the new diplomacy later in the hour.

Let's talk about company news.

Let's start with the mining companies in australia.

They will save $2 billion from its buyout of estrada.

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