Russia’s Lavrov Sees Progress on Ukraine Border Control

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Aug. 18 (Bloomberg) -- Russia’s foreign minister said talks on the conflict in Ukraine haven’t produced a resolution, with the only progress made being on humanitarian aid deliveries. Hans Nichols reports on “Bloomberg Surveillance.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Mercenaries, money.

Let's check in with hans, who joins us from berlin.

What is the take away?

There is a bit of a puzzle.

Last night, the german foreign minister said progress was made.

We spoke to two of the foreign ministers and it is hard to see how there is progress.

There is a lot of negativity.

The ukrainian foreign minister leveled harsh attacks saying money is coming in, clearly there are mercenaries.

I am struggling to see the reason for optimism.

Perhaps, and please help us sort this out together.

Hsergey lavrov says there is at least progress on the convoy.

The only thing on the border issue, maybe they are having him sort of agreement as to who is going to control the border, but, convoy, sergey lavrov, i went to the ukrainian foreign minister and said is there progress, is the convoy going to be in ukraine in 24 hours.

He said he had no idea.

He said it is up to russia.

Let me ask a dumb question.

Is the ukrainians in kiev take stern ukraine, who are the people with?

Are they with the separatists or are they going to greet the ukrainians from kiev with flying flags?

This eastern ukraine want to be part of russia or do they want to be part of ukraine?

I am not on the ground to ask enough people.

It gets to the core.

Culturally, ethnically, what are these people.

Today identify themselves as ukrainian or russian.

What if you have a 50% split?

It gets to the core of what self-governance and democracy is about.

With the ukraine talks hitting a wall, give us a sense of what to look ahead to.

What will you look for is the talks continued.

All parties are going to go back to their home countries.

One reason or cause for optimism as if there were a meeting between the heads of state, between -- they need to be addressed at the head of state level.

If we see a meeting like that, i will buy into the optimism in that tom was talking about earlier.

Thank you for giving us the

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