Will Obama and Europe Get Tougher With Russia?

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July 22 (Bloomberg) -- Peter Cook updated the latest news on Russia sanctions and the Israeli crisis. He speaks on “In The Loop.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Carefully watching the development.

Peter cook has more on the u.s. role.

Take a look specifically in the ukraine.

Is the obama administration pushing europe for specific action?

Face of what we heard from ryan, the obama administration will like to see any sign of unification among europeans that they understand the situation.

If they move on to specific sanctions, ryan just mentioned the possibility of targeting companies for the first time on the european side.

That is something benighted states has done, banks and energy companies, so lots for a matching of what the u.s. has done already.

That would be something in the future.

Secretary kerry is in egypt now working on the gaza crisis.

I am curious what president obama has been like with world leaders.

Specifically as to what is happening on the ground in israel and his message, the same one john airey carried to the middle east, and that is a right to defend themselves, but you can see growing concern about the civilian death toll in the gaza strip and the feeling the united states had to step up and do a cease-fire.

We had the same message from john kerry.

No country should stand by while iraq is are attacking it but always come in any conflict, there is a concern about civilians.

Now that you are talking best case scenario, a cease-fire but nothing subsidence it -- nothing of substance.

This will be difficult to achieve.

We heard a lot from the potential fallout but can anything good come from it?

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