Russia and Ukraine Are Now at War: Bremmer

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Aug. 28 (Bloomberg) – Eurasia Group President Ian Bremmer discusses the escalating conflict in Ukraine and why the country is essentially at war with Russia. He speaks on Bloomberg Television's “Bloomberg Surveillance.” (Source: Bloomberg)

On the caspian sea?

I it is very important.

The invasion was always plan b for russia.

They did not want to have to engage formally with russian troops.

They believe that they would be able to gain the influence they wanted to over a period of time without that step.

Ukrainian offensive had threatened to beat the separatists.

That persisted.

That means that russia has basically moved toward plan b. over the last 24 hours, we have chipped into formal invasion.

Russia and ukraine, as countries sovereign, are now at war.

It will be very difficult for the americans or the europeans to deny that reality.

It does push both countries into policies that they have been trying to avoid.

We saw a headline on the bloomberg terminal with ukraine.

One of their officials was asking for large military assistance.

What would that be?

They need any help they can get.

They love boots on the ground.

They certainly want lots of material.

Like the kind of help that the americans are giving metgehe kurds.

Fighting isis is different from fighting russian regulars.

We are not going to see direct nato or american military assistance coming in to put those forces or those troops against the russians directly.

I think the point here is that there was a belief on the part of the ukrainian government and the markets that has been critically mistaken.

That the ukrainians might be allowed to retake their territory.

They would be able to rouse the separatists.

That was absolutely never going to be tolerated buyy putin.

We have now seen that in a very direct way.

The separatists are not fighting better in the last 24 hours because the humanitarian aid has been gone from russia.

This is clearly the direct intervention of russian forces.

Russian regulars on the ground in the region.

That does clearly take us past the rubicon of this fight.

Robert wrote yesterday for project syndicate that putin can overstep or reach too far.

Is that what he is doing this morning?

I saw that piece.

It was good except that what he is talking about is the fact that the long-term -- this is going to hurt putin.

He could lose support within russia.

His economy is not doing well.

All of these facts are true.

They do not help ukraine.

You want to ask me who will get hurt in the next year or two years?

The economy is now going to collapse.

It will not have gas.

The government will come under massive pressure for having locked the territory.

They will start losing the military battles against the russians.

The americans and europeans will see lots of great things to ukraine.

We will not prop up their economy.

So the fact is, we will support nato allies.

Ukraine is not a nato ally.

They acted as if they thought they could gain some status of the poor.

They are wrong.

They have failed.

This will lead to much greater economic implications, negative implications for the europeans as well.

Russia absolutely is taking steps that you and i would not want to take if we were running our own western developed economies.

Putin is not running a western developed economy.

This was evident from day one.

We have been talking about western capitals.

There has been a dance over what to call this.

Can we finally call this a war?

I think that you and i are allowed to call this a war.

It is unfortunate for ukraine that the only country that really has a strong vested interest as a government is ukraine itself.

The americans and the europeans really do not want nato calling it an incursion.

The u.s. ambassador to ukraine is a very smart fellow.

Also calling it incurs in.

Clearly, he has been giving marching orders.

We're are not calling it an invasion yet.

Calling it an invasion is a direct change in policy.

It will be interesting to see how long they can maintain that dance.

Thank you so much.

Continuing headlines out of europe and out of ukraine as well.

Joining us this morning, howard ward of gamco -- scarlet fu has something first.

Whether it is direct intervention -- comment or no comment.

Not commenting on the russian allegations.

Russia standing back and not say anything.

That is amazing.

Usually they just dismiss things.

Here is the parlor game.

Howard board has chosen to try to ignore this, even i has he follows it take by-kick.

The tenured -- ten yield -- the ten year yield 30.2.

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