Russell Simmons' Secret: Stop Working, Be Still

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March 11 (Bloomberg) –- Rush Communications CEO Russell Simmons discusses how to benefit from stillness and do more in less time. He speaks with Stephanie Ruhle on Bloomberg Television’s “Market Makers.” (Source: Bloomberg)

And even insomnia, the whole idea of a fast-paced life was what made me successful.

But the truth is as a creative person, really creativity came in the seconds of stillness.

As a focused person, i was able to do more in less time.

This idea that i take attending -- 20 minutes in the morning and an evening to meditate and then take an hour and half to do yoga, it seems like it would be counterproductive to some.

But i do have four foundations, i have tv company for film company, music company, a fashion company shipping to macy's today, i have lots of financial services.

Because i operate from a calm space, because i am able to sit still for a few minutes and let my thoughts settle, i'm able to give the world something much greater.

How do you translate that mission you have for yourself to all your different businesses?

One would think if i work for russell simmons, i want him to notice me, i want to be the ceos of one of his entities.

I would not necessarily think i'm going to get there by sitting and being quiet.

Thoughtful, conscious actions are what make you good.

Disjointed thoughts and fragmented ideas or work ethics don't make you better.

The fact is, we need to be awake and i have all kinds of research -- you know when you're eight years old, left side of your brain and right side of your brain starts to separate?

Meditation brings them together will stop when you settle, your nervous system gets better and your immune system gets better and brain functionality grows dramatically.

In fact, you can actually see on a scanner in your brain the grey matter grow within a few weeks just by meditating consistently.

When you wake up in the morning and turn on the news and see the chaos in the world, where do you think most could benefit from the act of silence?

Everyone can benefit from stillness.

It does not say be still and know -- every profit from every great religion taught us to be still and operate from inside out.

Happiness sits inside.

There is nothing the world can give you to promote happiness.

This idea that things make you happy is mistaken.

Money doesn't make you happy.

Happy makes you money.

If you operate from a calm space -- needing nothing attracts everything.

Say that one more time.

Money doesn't make you happy, happy makes you money.

That's a beautiful sentiment.

When you are happy, thoughtful, hard-working and focused, you do better work.

You can't make money in the future.

You've got to make money now, when you do the work.

To do a good job, that is attractive.

But when you are dysfunctional or there is noise in your mind, that's the cause of all the suffering.

The silence in your mind is the cause of all the happiness.

How do you balance staying in the moment and trying to be happy today when you wake up with these massive overarching goals for world domination?

When i think about all the businesses russell simmons isn't, i don't think he must wake up and look for simplicity and happiness of the moment.

He's got to be goal oriented.

I am not goal oriented.

Not in that way.

We have goals.

I don't worry about results.

I do the best i can and it lets me sleep.

Results don't let me sleep.

Good efforts do.

Doing the best you can, that's something you have to learn to appreciate the art itself.

Though work is the prayer?

Prayer makes you happy when you are awake and present.

You may get a song.

It's not what people are going to think later or how much money you're going to make.

It's the beauty of making a song , one melody brings you in.

If not for that, you won't make a good song.

It's the effort.

No matter how rich you are, you can only sit your ask in one seat at a time.

If you are comfortable in your seat, you will do a good job and be more attractive.

It's simple.

Meditation is a very simple -- basketball players get in the zone and they can't miss.

They get in the zone and if you are in a car accident, everything moves slow.

The world is moving that slow.

Is the fluctuation of the mind to keep shoe seeing the beauty of the world.

You want to see the world's beauty, this is critical and simple for us to start.

This path to be awake, and everyone has to start.

Eventually, everybody does find this reality, but we want to do it sooner rather than later.

That was the legend, hip-hop

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