Rupert Murdoch's Dynasty Won't Last: Wolff

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Oct. 22 (Bloomberg) -- Michael Wolff, author of “The Man Who Owns The News,” examines the state of Rupert Murdoch’s control over News Corp. after the fallout from the hacking scandal. He speaks on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg Surveillance.”

Last fiscal year, murdoch was forced to split up the company but he comes out ahead.

It depends how you define "ahead." he has been forced to split up his company, he has been forced into an interesting kind of ex ile.

He is not in charge of news corp.

In terms of chairman or ceo.

He spends almost all of his time on news corp.

The largest part of his holdings are run now by paid executives, not by his family.

This is something that rupert never wanted to happen.

On top of that, he has enormous problems in his own family.

Rupert is a family man, that is as important to him as newspapers -- his children and their love for him.

That love is -- but i found interesting -- the love for him from shareholders.

Recently, 21st century fox's shareholders elected him to maintain chairman and ceo positions, despite a challenge by some shareholders.

He always gets those challenges and he is always resoundingly reelected.

What can we learn from the rupert murdoch?

You mentioned the family drama that you have chronicled, what can other news organizations learn from the murdoch decade?

News corp.

And the murdoch fox and the murdoch family -- there are not too many other family dynasties like this (if there is -- like this left.

If there is a lesson here, if they all run aground -- dynasties do not last.

This one will not last.

What is going to be the final kick in the gut?

The final kick is going to be that rupert is going to die, he is 82 years old.

Then, everyone has different interests.

Nobody is going to march in lockstep.

Michael wolff, @mic haelwolffnyc.

You get a lot of hate mail.

It is not a good day if i do not hear -- a quick data check before the jobs report this tuesday morning at 830 a.m. futures, little change, 10 year yield, also unchanged.


This is "bloomberg surveillance," on bloomberg television, bloomberg radio, streaming on your television and your phone.

Here with tom keene and scarlet fu.

Our guest host is michael wolff, he wrote the book on rupert murdoch, the man who owns the news.

Talking about technology -- three companies rolling out new tablets today.

Apple, microsoft, nokia -- the tablets are different.

Technology coverage -- the coffee at san francisco's airport is suspect.

I will miss the weather.

Three tablets, what is the

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