Running Hillshire Like a Startup

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Sept. 24 (Bloomberg) -- Hillshire Brands CEO Sean Connolly discusses the company's growth with Deirdre Bolton on Bloomberg Television's "Money Moves." (Source: Bloomberg)

Ceo, sean connolly.

Welcome to "money moves." do you feel like you are running a big company as opposed to a startup?

Rocks well, we have $4 billion.

Well, you cannot turn on a dime to be fair.

You are increasing your marketing status.

You have increased this to 215 million dollars by 2015. do you want us to say hillshire instead of sara lee?

We are part of a focus food company.

By putting marketing spin behind our brands, we are convinced that we can drive profitable growth.

How much of that is what we would call new digital marketing, how much is traditional?

It is a mix of both.

Tremendous efficiency and traditional marketing.

Our millennial consumers are a big consumer of the digital market.

What products are skewing more towards the millennial crowd?

Well, you cannot argue with jimmy dean.

People love jimmy dean breakfast sandwiches.

We made a jerky acquisition as well.

I'm glad you brought up acquisitions because there is a lot of talk swirling that you could be one or you could be making other smaller ones.

Let's tackle that idea.

Are you open to acquisition?

M&a is part of our strategy.

We will continue to look for these opportunities.

We will continue to look for more opportunities.

It could be smaller, it could be a bit bigger.

We have a guest coming on who is an activist investor who had an acquisition in smithfield.

Do you have partners?

We are focused on creating maximum value for our shareholders.

We believe that our supply relationships are terrific, our innovation agenda is working well.

We are continuing to do the kinds of things we did last year in our initial dear year.

What has been the biggest surprise so far?

Well, it is a great reminder that truly iconic brands have growth potential.

You can drive growth and that is what we are squarely focused on.

We are pleasantly to surprised to see some real elasticity in this portfolio.

We are expecting to get out of the gates in this transition year.

How much is the demand for meat driving where you are seeing some of your best- sellers?

There is a rising middle class.

How much is that changing.

What is working in our portfolio are the convenient foods.

It just so happens that need is what we call the heroes ingredient in our products.

It makes the products incredibly satisfying.

What are we going to hear?

More innovation.

This is the back half loaded in this fiscal year.

We will have more in the year.

We wish you luck.

Thank you for the time in the meantime.

As we mentioned, we will

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