Running a Farm Business From Your Phone?

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Aug. 19 (Bloomberg) –-. Planet Forward host Frank Sesno examines a Kenyan company which has created an app that promises to revolutionize sub-Saharan agriculture on Bloomberg Television’s "Bloomberg West." (Source: Bloomberg)

Al jazeera bought current that already had a spot it was already available in 48 million homes.

We figured we will buy those.

They paid about $500 million.

That is the first step.

After that, you need great programming.

That is expensive.

With the news operation like al jazeera america, it takes a lot of money.

Money, talent, a spot on the dial.

What about the need challenges with al jazeera?

Time warner cable dropped them because of the association with the network.

There are branding concerns.

Can al jazeera overcome it?

That is a good question.

That is the big question in terms of whether audiences will overlook whatever associations they might have had with the network.

It is backed by monarch.

It is not an independent news organization.

There are open questions as to whether they can remain truly independent and overcome whatever kind of stigma or branding issues they might have had in the past.

They have had some success with al jazeera english.

A lot of it was streamed on- line, especially during the arab spring.

There was at least notoriety.

People became more aware existed.

That might play to a bit of an advantage for them.

They have signed on some big- name talent.

How much does that matter?

Will that help them to overcome some challenges?

Is the distribution going to be too big of a hurdle?

That is a good point.

Hiring familiar faces you might have seen on cnn or nbc, that will go a long way.

That might change peoples' impressions if they had a negative impression or no impression or were unclear as to what al jazeera america is going to be.

You will see this kind of looks like cnn or nbc news.

I recognize some of the anchors.

That will go a long way.

Whether the state is a question.

Hopefully they will have enough room to build the audience over time.

They do not have to prove it right away.

It will be interesting to watch.

Edmund lee, thank you so much.

Return to our partnership with george washington university which seeks out innovative ideas to help the environment.

What if you could run your farming business from the phone?

A company has created an app that promises to revolutionize the sub-saharan business.

You have heard about silicon valley.

What about silicon savannah?

Nearly 3/4 of kenyans use cell phones.

He knows it and wants to put the technology to work on the farm to help make money and feed the people.

We visited him.

His innovation is a mobile app attracts deliveries from farm to market.

Six or seven years ago, we saw the opportunity.

We looked at how technology could get involved.

Almost 40% of gross in africa is lost to poor storage, inefficiency, and fraud.

Farmers get ripped off if they do not know how much they are selling.

It supports mamba payments and weighs about products with information on the cloud and a printed receipt.

Has the order been dispatched, who was it delivered to, how did the customer pay.

We really the payments to the actual order.

He worked for a telecommunications firm on the internet was taking off.

He saw the mobile networks soared.

His a pp in the check and balance.

What you see is what you did.

That resonates quickly.

He estimates as many as 450,000 kenyan farmers are using his app automating business, to ship food safely, and get people paid, hoping to move the plant floor.

Frank joins us from washington.

What are the next steps for this app?

How do they reach their target?

They have reached the target by word of mouth in kenya.

They want to go beyond.

They are looking for private equity and capital to expand the business.

One thing they want to do to connect the dots is to tie this app into automated payments that can go from the market to the

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