Rule Britannia: How to Play the UK

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Sept. 3 (Bloomberg) -- On today’s “Insight & Action,” Bloomberg “Money Clip” Host Adam Johnson reports on PMIs in Ireland and the United Kingdom. (Source: Bloomberg)

Front and center today.

Not just because of the bank of england conducting its own meeting tomorrow.

But because of the data.

Look at these numbers that came out earlier today from ireland and the u.k.. purchasing managers index.

These come out for every company or every country.

They are clustered around this time of the month.

You can see, for ireland, 62 point four.

For the u.k., 60.5. not only are they the two strongest bmis, but the only ones above 60. we had a 58 handle.

Clearly, something good is happening over there in the u.k. it's not just the purchasing managers index.

If you look at citigroup economics, those are trending up.

Every time you have a piece of data that comes out, it gets better than expected, that as to the index.

If it's worse, it's of tracks -- it subtracts.

If you are interested in trying to play this thing, let me point out to you the etf.

In europe, trend is your friend.

Very clear what's been happening.

All the pullbacks have been buys.

Something happening over there in the u.k. thanks very much for that.

We will stay overseas now.

The ruble is rebounding as

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