Rubio: Open Internet Must Be Top National Priority

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March 10 (Bloomberg) –- Bloomberg’s Peter Cook discusses Florida Senator Marco Rubio’s economic plan and whether he’ll run in 2016. He speaks with Mark Crumpton on Bloomberg Television’s “Bottom Line.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Candidate just unveiled ideas for jumpstarting growth in a washington speech.

Our chief washington correspondent peter cook joins us with more.

What does the senator's plan look like jacob re?

Calling for a tax code overall, assessment regulations and repeal of obamacare and a few other ideas that are not giving the same play in republican circles.

Just laying out his ideas at the google office here in washington . part of his message came directly to high-tech community specifically.

His main message overall, the son of cuban immigrants so the american dream is at risk without major policies aimed at changing economic growth.

In order for us to harness the promise of a new era and build another american century, what we are going to need our millions of new, middle and higher income jobs, and we will face them -- face unprecedented global competition for the jobs.

It is a competition we can win, but not unless waiver form the current policies in washington.

Some of his specific ideas are to overhaul the tax code for the corporate and individual code he wants to shift.

He proposes a national regulatory budget.

Basically a cap on federal regulations.

If there is a cost to regulation in one area, it has to be reduced somewhere else to maintain the cost.

They want to reallocate the body -- broadband spectrum owned by the federal government and give it back by the private sector.

Another in portland idea for it that companies like google.

Will propose consolidation of internet regulation in the united nations, an issue not off the radar of silicon valley and certainly countries where internet freedom is not always taken for granted.

One issue he did not talk about, immigration reform.

Not talking about it as much in washington.

I will sit down tomorrow to talk more about the ideas.

Opening to have part of that conversation right here at 2:00. the big question is marco rubio running for president jacob sure sounds like someone toying with the idea.

He spoke of the political conservative action and said he will make his decision as he decides about what to do for running for reelection in the senate.

Talking about host of policy ideas.

Obviously keeping the avenue open.

Chief washington correspondent thomas peter cook.

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