Royal Baby Adds Sparkle to the Royal Brand: Sorrell

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July 24 (Bloomberg) -- Martin Sorrell, CEO at WPP discusses the PR around the royal family as the royal baby made his public debut on Tuesday and examines the boost to England's national pride from this and various other recent events in the country. He speaks on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg Surveillance."

Do think your counsel of how they should brand themselves or message themselves -- if they did, i would not say, but they don't. the amazing thing about this monarchy is the adaptability of the institution.

They have continuously adapted.

You just see, compare that film to charles and diana.

Just the way that it is done, the way it is executed -- world war ii versus world war i -- driving away in a little car, driving the car himself.

It is a very different, much more, and touch.

Highly orchestrated, but actually with considerable understanding of the way people feel.

Now you have got three successors, three generations behind the queen.

It is quite amazing.

You have charles, william, and you've got the baby.

Three successors.

That is the ultimate in succession planning.

[laughter] it is a boost to the british economy as well.

A baby bump.

$369 million, a third of that -- two baby bump , one there will be a high birthrate, but also it will encourage -- you know, britain is going for a tremendous recession.

We have this great campaign which we are involved in, the great campaign which is the government used to showcase all the things.

British sporting achievements.

It goes back to olympics a year ago.

We had the anniversary games coming up -- is this one big british state -- shameless plug we have got?

Thing about you, tom, you are actually a frustrated bridge.

-- frustrated brit.

This is one of the oldest brands on earth.

It has been able to adapt over the years.

We had big problems, big reputational problems to deal with around princess diana and her death, etc.

But it has been a home run the last couple of years, the royal wedding, the london olympics, now the royal baby.


David cameron -- politically, it is manna from heaven.

You have an election in 2015. this creates a different environment here quacks who orchestrates this for this extended family?

I know you are not going to tommy if you know -- you know -- they have a whole team of branding people?

Historically, some of the people who have given advice come i cannot think of it up to the mark.

In latter years , the queen come i think, listen, which is very important.

You see some leaders, whether they are president or prime minister's, who don't listen.

I think she listens.

I think she takes advice and make their own judgments.

There are retainers , not people who are retained, but retainers -- costamare and sorrel with us.

As you see, and the people outside the gates yesterday.

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