Ronald McDonald Gets a Makeover, Takes to Twitter

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April 24 (Bloomberg) -- On today’s “The Roundup,” Matt Miller, Trish Regan and Julie Hyman wrap up the day’s top market stories on Bloomberg Television’s “Street Smart.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Estimates and avoided posting the second quarterly loss since then cropsey.

Analysts have cut their estimates.

Unless you are living under a rock, you know that general motors is preparing to pay billions of dollars.

It is 1.3 in the first quarter.

They think this will be enough for the first quarter but who knows.

Analyst mike brian johnson had expected a one penny loss and actually came out with a profit adjusted $.29. that is a lot better and better than the whole street.

They are doing great on the earning side.

When you don't look at the recall situation because they make such great products.

Those silverado's, though sierras, they win awards and americans want to buy them.

The stock was down by the end of the day.

I think people are thinking, how much more, 1.3 billion isn't going to cover it.

They say they will not forecast what it might be later.

Are they going to trust the company?

I think this is huge.

This is a consumer trust issue.

And you did not see that in q1 that maybe in q2. e-cigarette makers will soon have to answer to the fda for the first time.

They propose to extend their reach over the tobacco industry to include the $3 billion market for e-cigarettes.

This will limit sales to minors.

, band free samples and require nicotine addiction warnings.

They actually have to provide an ingredients list to the fda as well.

This is good.

I don't think we are asking for the moon, just a few basics.

Let us know what is in the product.

Don't sell to minors.

It took a couple of years for these rules to finalize.

Even our in-house analysts said they forecasted as a $6 billion industry.

Now it is down to 5 billion because cities are starting to ban them just like cigarettes.

They don't leave a smell.

It is not like you're getting secondhand smoke.

What is the issue?

The issue is based on the lack of research.

The assumption that this could be a gateway cigarette.

What i find more bizarre is that cigars and pipes are also being regulated but they want regularly before.

If you are under 18, could you pack of cigars?

What do you know how horrible it is to see a toddler smoking a cigar?

It is very interesting.

It is an early stage for this industry.

To your point about it being a gateway drug, in some way, kids look at smoke and tobacco as just being really taboo and this product help it.

Now, why would you smoke a cigarette when you can do a vaporized version?

The problem with cigarettes is that they give you lung cancer.

This stuff doesn't give you lung cancer, you are just taking drugs.

I'm addicted to sugar.

There is no fda warning about that.

Caffeine, a lot of things.

E-cigarettes are just taking drugs.

All you're doing is taking nicotine.

Let's talk about another addiction, is facebook addicted to acquisitions?

Facebook is jumping into fitness.

They have acquired a company called moves.

The terms of the deal were not disclosed.

Facebook now just to keep a piece of the health and fitness health market.

Nike seems to be pulling back on that.

This goes back.

When we talk about nike pulling back, i mentioned how scott galloway was saying that you already had this device.

You carry around with it all of the time.

It is your phone.

They must have heard you.

It seems as though the barometer, at least for nike hasn't been quite the success that they were anticipating.

This is just a quest to get as much data about people as possible.

Zuckerberg said they are finding different ways and ecosystem that people want to share their data with others.

This is another type of data.

There are possibilities with where you're running and how fast you're running.

Mobile revenue is at 59% of their company.

Is really about watching you.

Americans do not care about fitness.

We eat mcdonald's and smoke e-cigarettes, we don't care.

It is a niche market.

That is why nike fired everyone working on this.

I don't think that is true.

That is because you have not gone out of new york.

There are whole foods.


Ronald mcdonald has a new look.

Mcdonald's says it's famous clown will take an active role on social media using the ha shtag ronald mcdonald.

He will post videos and pictures.

Mcdonald's will tweet pictures.

So, he has a fancy little vest on there.

He has a blazer.

He has a blazer that he wears over the top.

I heard he was going to look less creepy.

He looks like hugh hefner.

How do you make a clown less creepy?

Good point.

I liked him when he was younger.

He does have new hair.

It is intriguing that they are playing him up again because the knock on him was that you were pushing this junk food to kids by using this.

Like the camel in camel cigarettes.

They might be bringing them back.

Mcdonald's is selling tobacco.

Talk about was using the ronald mcdonald name.

They were making fun of it.

They did a reclaiming of modern -- of ronald mcdonald.

I happen to like mcdonald's. i know you do.

It is something that you do rarely.

He freaked out.

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