Rodriguez Lone Holdout in MLB PED Deal

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August 1 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg’s Scott Soshnick reports on MLB’s performance enhancing drugs scandal and the New York Yankees’ Alex Rodriguez. He speaks on Bloomberg Television’s “Market Makers.” (Source: Bloomberg)

A lot of people are chasing the story.

What do we know?

Our understanding as of right now, nine other players have reached agreements.

It is not a surprise the spotlight is on alex rodriguez.

There is an overwhelming amount of evidence that has been presented to alex, to his attorney, and now it is just a matter of whether alex wants to fight this or take the lumps that baseball is looking to hand out.

Besides being alex rodriguez and the active hitter with the most home runs a major league baseball, what else here is special about a rod or is his situation this clinic in miami, the same as it is for every other player including ryan braun?

It is the same, however, he is one of the biggest names in baseball.

Perhaps alex is getting harsher treatment because baseball will allege he tried to hamper the investigation, lied to the investigators, which perhaps the others did not.

We have been through this before with alex rodriguez where his cousin was the substance abuser.

And he has admitted to using them.

He said he did it a long time ago.

We have heard interesting things who made the parallel from steve cohen and the sec and baseball and alex rodriguez saying they go big game hunting, give notice that we are not tolerating this stuff.

What about the yankees?

$60 million plus still on his contract.

If the numbers were good, they would be scratching inclined to get him back in the lineup.

The yankee see more than content to let alex sit and sit and sit wetherbee in tampa or suspended.

If they don't pay him -- and the suspension would be the remainder of the season and neck season -- that is a nice savings for the yankees.

Let's talk about the yankees and the rest of baseball.

10 players, even if one was your biggest star, a fraction of the league, what degree will it affect the business of the sport?

Viewership and attendance is down for you and the business model is predicated on winning for the yankees and right now they're not in first place.

The pittsburgh pirates happened to be in first place them playing well, but sometimes it is about giving nice family entertainment.

The yankees are revenue payers.

They are not winning.

Derek jeter is back in the lineup, but some of the biggest ours are not on the field and that is being evidenced in the television ratings, which is where they make a lot of money from as well is in the ballpark.

I have spoke with a lot of officials who don't know what the answer is right now.

It is hard to see how this could work out well for the yankees even if they win on the salary side.

That's about the only one right now, the salary side.

Until they start winning and get their stars back on the field, it's tough.

Thank you, covering the business of sports here at bloomberg.

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