Robots Are Taking Over, Watch Your Back...and Job!

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March 14 (Bloomberg) -- NYU's Vasant Dhar discusses whether technology is destroying jobs with Matt Miller and Trish Regan on Bloomberg Television's "Street Smart." (Source: Bloomberg)

Gates is the latest old guy to say when we were kids it was different.

Is it the case technology has finally gotten to the point where it will take over jobs or is this another case of some sort of let ike -- of luddite?

Matt, i am happy to be here, historically we have seen technology has replaced certain kinds of job at the low wind and made people smarter.

So you get better expectations, you become more productive.

One view, this is more of the same.

It is going to augment the way we do things and it is going to make us better.

Create new industries.


In the meantime, your economy goes through a transition.

That is the tough part, perhaps he is talking about.

There is a lag time.

So, yes, we will need more people to create the robots come a more engineers, more skilled workers overall, but in the absence of that, not having them right now, these people are losing their jobs.

What is the overall economic toll as we try to transition?

That is a great question.

I think it is a good idea to differentiate between short-term and long grain.

In the short-term we have jobs that are hard to fill, jobs that are around data signs, big data.

There is a shortage of those jobs.

Not enough engineers.

We do not have enough people who can analyze the digital exhaust from the internet ecosystem.

It is surprising because you would think in a market-driven world, people would be going to school specifically for these engineering jobs because we know we have a shortage.

Why aren't more people -- you are.

You are seeing more and more people go into these kinds of jobs, they are training themselves.

There is a huge demand for these courses that train people for the new economy.

The question is really the destruction of jobs caused by technology will be faster than the creation.

I think that is a possibility.

It is possible.

What is different this time, is there anything different?

We are seeing an acceleration in the intelligence of systems.

I have been in artificial intelligence 30 years.

I never imagined i would see a computer become a jeopardy champion.

I would not have imagined that.

Is moore's law outdated?

The idea these things are going to double every six months.

Interesting, moore's law is beginning to apply to software.

It is coming into effect.

It is kicking in and software systems.

Everything, including artificial intelligence.

Ai and big data are behind it.

At least we get good video games out of it.

And a lot of really cool card technology.

You may not be driving a car.

Ironically, the fact we are so robotic in our behavior something that computers are beginning to recognize.

That is causing them to play that role up addicting what we are going to do -- of redirecting what we're going to do.

Pleasure to have you, vasant dhar.

Now, will they win this

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