Robot Science Fiction Now Closer to Reality: Cohen

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Feb. 25 (Bloomberg) -- Jared Cohen, founder and director of Google Ideas, discusses the possibility of robots on the battle field and Google’s focus on the spread of technology on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg Surveillance.”

Science fiction is getting closer and closer to reality.

Or at least people believe it's reality.

Some of the things that are particularly alarming are still at a minimum 20-30 years out on the horizon.

You mentioned uav's and drones.

One of the things we need to be increasedingly concerned about is drones from hezbollah and our tells in mexico.

-- and cartels in mexico.

You buy from a toy store and attach it to explosive.

How do politicians respond?

Everybody is aware of the problem and the challenge.

The issue you have in government is, government is working very hard to back sell its political knowledge.

This generation will self correct in the future.

There's a lot of catching up to do.

You look at telecom, like the comcast and netflix deal where you are effectively buying assets to bandwidth.

The sec does not know how to deal with this.

How do you take this to drones, where it is something about human lives?

There will have to be reactive regulation around some of the nefarious types of -- it is difficult to implement.

The aspiration to control this and the ability to implement a it are two very different things.

We want to talk about microsoft and did your take on it.

The problem microsoft has is that there model was organized around the monopoly office position which are broadly used in the platforms that they don't sell.

For example, this weekend, mobile world congress, nokia is busy announcing an android-based phone.


Finishing what's your reaction to that?

We did that interview last night.

I think eric spelled it out, we are very pro-open source.

Pro-making these products free and available.

We have a wonderful collection of products at google called docs that allow for word and powerpoint and so forth.

In an open system, what's the concern of terrorists infiltrating accreting bugs within your system?

Couldn't they do that?

Historically, you had to be a defense contracting company in order to be concerned with geopolitics as a business.

Now every single technology company whether it wants to or not is caught right in the crossfire of geopolitics by virtue of state actors like china and others targeting businesses.

You worked very closely with mr.


He thinks differently from a lot of other executives and technology.

What is the eric schmidt best practice you observed?

We have traveled to more than 40 countries together, including places like north korea and libya.

What's interesting about eric is he has an interest in geopolitics and in exposure to geopolitics that very few people in the business community or the technology community half.

He is a serious computer scientist.

He talks about terrorism and talks about these big

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