Rise of the Younger, Tech-Savvy CEO

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Nov. 27 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg Contributing Editor Jeffrey Hayzlett talks with Deirdre Bolton about the recent change to a younger, more digitally inclined group of CEOs and the optimism of companies approaching the holiday shopping season and heading into 2014. He speaks on Bloomberg Television’s “In The Loop.”

What is going on?

The fact that more and more businesses are feeling the pressure from investors?

It is a couple of things.

First of all, the biggest change occurred in 2008 when we saw a shift in the economy.

It works, it is in the numbers.

If you look at the study from "usa today," more of the younger were outperforming the older, because i think we moved into this new digital age.

They now need to have new skill sets like before, the going to market delivery collaboration, everything is digital.

A lot of these "in the loop -- a lot of the ceos have not been up to it.

Most of these guys are still using blackberries, they do not even know what an iphone or an android is.

They do not have the skill sets that they used to.

If you combine that with the market being where it has been, it is one of the highest times to cash out, a great time for these guys to get out of the business, go off and ride into the sunset.

You do a ton of consulting for these fortune 500 companies, just give us a sense of how they are feeling as we go into the new year.

Everyone is pretty optimistic.

It is always the media asking the hard questions, like we will be doing on "c-suite," and other shows we have on bloomberg, but most of them are feeling pretty good coming into it and i think we will have a better holiday season than most have been projecting and a lot of it will depend on the weather, you know?

If we have slightly nicer weather, let the people get out there, hopefully the people can get home and get those black friday sales.

I hope that matt miller makes it home.

If you want to place your bets, i am sure you can.

Most of the buddies are writing to me saying that there is no way that he will get there by this evening.

Especially in that jacket, i think someone will beat him up on the way home.

All right, jeff.

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