Rick Perry Indictment Seen as Losing Effort

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Aug. 18 (Bloomberg) -- Texas Governor Rick Perry stands a good chance of defeating public-corruption charges that even some staunchly Democratic lawyers called politically motivated. Peter Cook reports on “In The Loop.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Calls a political prosecution after being indicted on abuse of power charges.

The legal fight threatens to undermine the texas governor's political makeover since his disastrous presidential run in 2012. peter cook has more on the case against perry and what it means for his future.

Peter, how big of a hit is he facing?

How serious are these indictments?

This is serious, and certainly damaging.

The presidential candidate wants their name in the headline with the word "indictment" written soon after it but that is what rick perry is facing in texas.

It is damaging short-term.

At the same time, i've heard from some democrats that think the case against him maybe flimsy.

Because of that, ultimately, this could end up being a plus for rick airey because it could rally republican support around him.

At a minimum, it is a distraction.

It will be talked about every time he goes to one of those early primary states.

Here he is over the weekend defending himself and taking on this case.

I'm confident that we will ultimately prevail, that this farce of a prosecution will be revealed for what it is.

And those responsible will be held accountable.

A very confident sounding rate area over the weekend.

The reality is, he could have his mug shot taken as soon as this week and also fingerprinted.

These are not the kinds of things you want to be happening if you're thinking about running again for president.

What exactly has he been accused of doing?

There are two specific charges.

The first is coming is accused of trying to coerce another public official and the other is basically abuse of his official capacity as governor.

On the charge about coercing another public official, what we're talking about is the travis county district attorney, who happens to be a democrat, he was asking her to resign after she was busted for drunk driving.

She did not resign so he first threatened in the follow-through on a veto of more than $7 million in funding for her office because within her office is a unit of that investigation public corruption in the state of texas.

He said he did not have confidence in her ability to carry out that responsibility going forward.

That is where this all happened.

In light of that, a watchdog group filed an official complaint over rick perry's actions.

It was into republican judge.

He appointed a special prosecutor.

It is the special prosecutor that brought this case.

A travis county grand jury approved these indictments and moved this case forward.

That is where rick areas right now.

But i love the video of the wasted da, by the way.

Very embarrassing moment for her.

Very embarrassing, i'm sure.

But rick kerry's run for president was in nursing for him and the entire state of president -- was embarrassing for him and the entire state of texas.

His debate was just awful.

How could he think about running for president again?

The oops moment from the debate was his real low mark.

People were surprised when he started putting the wheels of motion to run again.

Iowa, in particular, says rick perry has been a much better candidate this time around, much more comfortable on the stump, much more polished and some of his policy discussions.

He has concentrating behind the scenes.

The political makeover has been working pretty well.

To be fair, this is going to be a longshot challenge for rick perry to be in the front tier of candidates in 2016 given what happened in 2012. he hasn't officially jumped into the race.

Certainly, these indictments are going to be a new curveball, if you will, in the equation as he considers a run and how this will play out.

This will probably take at least a year to resolve itself is the normal core process takes place in texas.

He will be talking about this for a while.

Those glasses make him look so much more intelligent and trustworthy, don't you think?

I should get some.

I will get some by tomorrow morning.

Peter cook in washington, thank you so much for that.

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