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April 10 (Bloomberg) –- Bluegrass Singer, Songwriter & Instrumentalist Rhonda Vincent discusses the bluegrass music business, Willie Nelson, Dolly Parton and how she became the queen with Pimm Fox on Bloomberg Television’s “Taking Stock.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Here on the business of bluegrass and the music, rhonda vincent joins me now.

Thank you for being here.

My pleasure.

Thank you.

One question -- what defines bluegrass music compared to country music?

This cd "only me" is an illustration of that.

It has six bluegrass songs.

Six traditional country music songs.

He biggest difference, i think, is it is all acoustic.

Usually for bluegrass there is a banjo player.

Not always.

There are different shoots of the music.

It as a rule, all accuse six -- all acoustic.

No drums.

No drums?

You will have an up write raise as opposed to an electric a's. -- upraight bass as opposed toan an electric bass.

If i stood in front of you right now with a mandolin, and instrument, it would sound the same.

It is not necessarily enhanced by technology.

There is great care -- there is a direct authenticity between the playing of the music and the music itself?


The care for the instruments.

I travel with these guys, world-class musicians.

The care of these instruments.

The oboe player will change his strings before every show.

The care for the music.

The other cd, the country cd, it has a steel guitar, and drums and electric bass.

There is a different sound that you get.

This cd shows whether i am singing with the banjo or the electric guitar, the voice is still "only me." i want to talk about the authenticity of how you came to be the bluegrass music queen.

You started off -- i believe, you won a contest?

You are playing and you got recognized.

I grew up with a musical family in missouri.

There was this recording show -- it was a wonderful way of life, traveling with my mom and dad.

We went to our first move grass festival in 1960 not -- our first move grass festival in 1969. my father had a car wreck in 1962. he regained his mobility with the use of a cane.

Music was something that kept us close by.

He picked me up after school.

We would have dinner.

Friends came over and we would play until bedtime.

It is a way of life that evolved into a career.

So, thanks, dad.

A way of life that bridges both country and bluegrass also requires a selection of music, a selection of songs.

What influenced you?

Well, these songs, the traditional songs were from a thing called a country family reunion i was part of.

The inspiration for the whole project was george jones.

We were at the grand old opry the night after the passing of george jones.

They asked everyone to sing a george jones song.

I selected "when the grass grows over me." i thought, how fun would it be to make a traditional country project?

We were already working on the bluegrass roger.

That is why we merged the the two.

-- that is why we merged the two.

We worked with willie nelson.

I want you to talk about willie nelson and working with them.

He sings, and he plays on this song.

We trade off.

At the end, we twin with a guitar and mandolin the exact same electric that is on "on the road again," his most famous song.

He is such a great artist.

He is such a sweet man.

Hopefully i will get to sing with him more.

You might do that.

I was looking at some of the dates on your tour.

You do not ever stay home, do you?

We are kind of like willie.

Is that part of it, the touring is an interval part of the music, the authenticity you are creating -- and enter a goal part of the authenticity you are creating --integral part of the music?

I believe so.

In bluegrass, it is not image so much.

You better be able to pick.

We are pickers.

The guys i travel with -- you better be able to play.

It is kind of light jazz.

The improvisation they bring, also.

-- it is kind of like jazz.

They may not play the exact same length.

Other music, there is a certain regimen you have to stay with, there is a certain signature line you play and it has to be played every night.

What is the signature line of working with dolly parton?

Oh -- is that back and forth, back and forth?

Or it does she have such a strong presence, such death, is that a little overpowering or no?

The thing with dolly parton, she is so good at and provide thing -- improvising.

"i will always love you," she probably has to sing that the same way every night.

Do you get tired of playing the same thing?

We do not have a set list.

I know.

It can't be the worst thing that ever happened that people want to hear your song.

That is what my dad told me.

My dad said, if someone yells out they want to hear a song, we stop and play that song.

Yeah, we do that as a rule.

Are there segments of the fan base that you are very surprised that is what they chose as popular?

We recorded dolly's "jolene." here is a little trivia for you.

Listen for how many times we say "jolene" and that song.

There is a tribute to the father of bluegrass, bill munro.

I think that "jolene" is our most requested song.

My first -- my most nervous time, dolly invited us to dollywood to sing that song.

I thought she would be singing that song.

She said, no, you will be

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