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Aug. 11 (Bloomberg) –- Tink Labs Founder and CEO Terence Kwok discusses his company’s smartphone device for hotel rooms, how it works and how it could revolutionize the travel industry. He speaks to Angie Lau on “First Up.” (Source: Bloomberg)

This is a very interesting idea.

Let's get more with the founder and ceo of pink labs.

He joins us live in the studio.

How are you?

Tank labs has come up with what, a smartphone in hotels, but it is something so much more than that.

Handy is a product we have developed for hotels.

It is a smartphone device.

It is not just a nap.

-- an app.

After a guest checks in, he would see a device sitting there.

This is what it would look like in your hotel.


After the guest activates it, it is completely free of charge for the guest to use.

He can use it for unlimited local calls, unlimited international calls, unlimited three g internet, and there is also a preloaded city guide, which we update from time to time.

One of the biggest headaches for travelers when they go out of town is that their cell phones work, except it is extraordinarily expensive.

Forget about data roaming.

You might as well give away your first when that bill comes in.

Is this what this is supposed to help travelers with?

That is part of it, providing the connectivity services for the guest, but on top of that, this entire system is completely integrated with all of the hotel backend systems.

It means it's essentially a portable room phone.

Even if a guest is outside of the hotel, taking meetings, there is room to operate and functionality.

You can be in central -- if you dial zero, you would reach the operator.

Operator of the hotel?


The operator would recognize you or mr.

Smith from room 201. i could be pre-ordering room service.

I could call up the concierge and try to get a reservation instead of figuring it out myself.

If you don't speak the language, you need site -- you need to figure out how to get back to the hotel -- which hotels have this?

In hong kong, we are in the hyatt regency, the w. the product was launched a year ago, but by now, we have about 30 hotels in the region with this and close to a quarter million people using this device every month.

When you talk to hotel chains, are they excited, or is there a pushback?

They are excited.

The product is proven.

Guests are saying great things about the device entrepreneur's are, different hotel review sites.

People are saying that they are going back to the hotel because of this product.

One feature i failed to mention is very cool, the fact that if, i'm staying in room 101, you are staying in another room, we can be into different parts of the city, and i can reach your phone just by calling your room number.

It is very useful for calling -- colleagues, friends, family.

Which other markets are you looking at?

We are looking to expand into about 50 new places globally, including the likes of dubai, doha, bangkok, cancun, paris, jakarta, all over the world where we think travelers would be finding this useful.

Why wouldn't i go and get a local sim card and pretty much do the same thing?

It is much more convenient.

One part of it is the connectivity.

The phone calls, the internet, the international calls, which are completely free.

On top of that, it is staying in touch with the hotel, getting services from the hotel when you need it, and also the fact that the device comes with very good content, creative recommendations for restaurants, attractions.

We see this as a thing you would potentially solve all of your problems.

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