Retail Seeing Strong M&A, Confused Consumers

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Aug. 15 (Bloomberg) -- In today's "This Matters Now," Gilbert Harrison, founder at Financo, talks with Tom Keene about the state of the retail industry from M&A to the strength of the American consumer. He speaks on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg Surveillance."

Is retail saudi right now?

-- soggy right now?

It is going through a bit of adjustment right now.

The consumer is still confused.

They hear conflicting things coming out of washington.

They say congress at odds.

They are looking for leadership and guidance.

Over 50 percent of retail sales are psychological.

When you feel good about yourself, you want to spend.

It is a question of getting through the bumps.

Really cautious on the mood out there.

We see transactions.

Which is going to win, the gloom or optimism of private equity?

You have 500 billion in excess cash on the balance sheets of companies.

3-1 leverage.

2 trillion dollars that can be used for acquisitions.

Of handbags.

What is it about handbags'? shoes also.

They love them both.

When i walk into sacks, ks, is the thing the private equity tie wants to acquire?

-- what is the thing that the private equity guy wants to acquire?

They have a better best formula.

There is over $100 billion initial combined it savings costs just and the combination.

Plus, the ability to bring saks fifth avenue into canada.

Hudson bay has something like 6 million in canada.

Who is the best merchandiser out there right now?

I still love mickey drexler.

To go mckee drexler.


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