Retail Is Next Target for Disruption: Kirkpatrick

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Dec. 9 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg Contributor David Kirkpatrick discusses the future of old style brick and mortar retailers on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg Surveillance.”

It is impressive that somebody would try to save them.

It is interesting about lampert.

I have a friend who is an investor.

He says that now is the time to the money into his head fund.

-- hedge fund.

I do not know of anybody can save these retailers.

Look at what is happened to best buy.

It is a time of extraordinary destruction and disruption for a lot of traditional industry.

Retail is after the music industry.

In your world, it is a force.

Every industry -- i am always saying that retail is obvious now.

The ones that are coming soon, we have not honed in on.

What is it about the way that he has run this company that has not worked?

He may not look at a company and see flaws.

That should be on the showroom floor.

He runs different divisions.

They compete against each other.

They are pitted against each other.

This is a retail corporation.

The show remain concept has taken off.

He is under investing in the company.

My favorite status from isi.

Their holdings are at $1.51. $1.04 on kmart.

Compare that to home depot.

And macy's. if you go to sears, it looks that.

Tom, if the retail experience is about desire, is there anything you desire in sears?

I have not been in sears and a million years.

That is my point.

They have incredible appliances.

But those appliances, would you buy them elsewhere if they were cheaper?

Do you say that you want to get them from sears?

Their dishwashers are their own brand.

They are quite excellent.

I recently brought one.

We have a lot to talk about.

We're talking about bitcoin in just a bit.

And stephanie was just telling us about how much she paid for the christmas tree.

That takes us to our twitter question of the day.

What is too much to pay for a christmas tree?

Tweet us.

$12. i got a big tree.

A 13 foot christmas tree?

$12, december 23. what a grant.


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