Retail Adjusting to New Holiday Sales Expectations

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Nov. 21 (Bloomberg) -- Wendy Liebmann, CEO at WSL Strategic Retail and Mo Koyfman, general partner at Spark Capital, break down retail’s new expectations for the holiday shopping season, the impact of deep discounts and which retailers are doing the worst job in the industry. They speak on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg Surveillance.”

Wendy, welcome so "bloomberg surveillance." -- welcome to "bloomberg surveillance." people are going to buy more stuff, but the outlook is gloomy.

It is not stopping them from spending money.

They are going out and buying stuff, they are just not buying tons of stuff.

They're being selected.

They're doing a lot of research.

They're checking their list, they're looking at prices everywhere.

They are doing a lot of homework.

They're doing what they have to do.

They are very cautious.

It is going to be one of those cautious, now you see it, now you don't holiday sales.

We hear that they're cutting prices, boosting sales, who cares about margins.

Is that a good strategy, longer- term?

For most retailers that is how do you keep people in the stores?

They have thousands of stores, all that real estate.

If people keep going online, they have got to get people in.

The way to get them in over the holidays and then into the new year is cutting, cutting, cutting.

That is a big challenge.

Mamet nobody is going to shift completely to online, right?

I think what we're talking about is the reaction to amazon, who has taken the position that they want to grow the top line at the expense of margins and they are doing it successfully.

As a comes to retail specifically, i am a believer in retailer.

If you look at warby parker, their growth engine on top of the web is stores.

They are killing it.

They have hit on something that is important for other retailers to understand.

Stores are not just transactional places.

If you try to make them transactional, you will lose to amazon.

Stores have to be experiential.

They have to be a place to go to and you feel something interesting.

Could we have room for pop-up stores?

Google is thinking about winter wonderlabs.

I think the big boxes have to create a much better experience.

Warby parker is a great example.

You can go a get your eyes tested there.

There's a sense of community.

It is a special experience.

It is the integration of the two.

You have to try on glasses.

You can't order -- they send them to you.

There is a label that comes, you stick it on.

You ship it back.

This boy needs help.

I think it is the integration of both.

What big-box retailer is doing it the worst?

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