Republican Party's High Tech Battle for Votes

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Feb. 10 (Bloomberg) -- Republican National Committee Chief Digital Officer Chuck Defeo discusses politics and technology on Bloomberg Television's "In The Loop." (Source: Bloomberg)

Reform is back on the front burner, some republican leaders are saying that it will be difficult to get that reform passed.

That comes at a time when you are trying to get silicon valley on your side.

You are trying to smarten up the republican party in technology.

How do you do that when the party itself about the leaders are having a difficult time with immigration reform?

We have a good story to tell.

That is part of why we launched power ballad labs -- parabellum labs.

We need to get more republicans elected so we can get the policies we would like to see enacted.

When i come to work everyday, it is how do we put our candidates and a better position to win?

The one way to do is to use data and technology to reach voters more efficiently.

Your mission is what then?

Do you have a two-fold mission of getting people to start up the party in silicon valley?

And then use that needed to make your message sharper?

Exactly right.

It is an incubator within the republican national party, that is bringing up that culture of weighing -- of doing things.

How we're doing that is not only setting up the washington dc office, but also setting up an office in silicon valley.

We're bringing in the skill sets that have not existed in our party before to help us to build up that infrastructure we need.

What startups are you trying to attract?

I am not saying -- we are building our own startup, we're not trying to go out and hire consultants.

We are bringing talent in that have worked in start ups, it in this tablet technology like facebook and linkedin.

How do we bring in those abilities?

As we build of this infrastructure, we have an infrastructure and ability to communicate with voters as effective as of the product that facebook.

What is different that you are doing then the republican party was doing before the data-gathering?

First and foremost we are building a unified data warehouse.

When you think about how you communicate with voters about how you understand their relationship, he we hear things in the private sector and corporations by that they have a consumer religion management -- relationship management.

On your digital side, are you doing differently things to target voters?

Our success is going to be to align and a data level with technology platforms that we're building, along with the content and messaging that we need to be able to do to target people in.

When you get those three layers and -- aligned so that you can customize messaging to voters and understanding what is important to them.

, that is not a talking point that is a shifted operations -- shift in operations.

Just as important, we are trained to do that for all of our candidates.

We saw in 2012 that the democrats did that for one candidate, and it for one cycle.

We are here to build out an infrastructure that is really command continued to -- that can really continue into 2014 and 2016 and beyond.

There is a research group that is taking as much information they can on hillary clinton.

It art of your data-gathering gathering data on hillary clinton?

We have a research division that does that very effectively, and has been doing that for years.

Part of what we are doing is understanding the electorate.

When we think about data and beginning, it is about who was voting, who is going to turn out to the polls come how do we make sure that when they pull that lever on election day they are pulling it for our candidates.

I just try to figure out, are you using this new data, this new way of communicating, are they targeted to new voters you did not happy for?

-- have before?

All of the above.

How do we speak to our core supporters, and how do we reach out to those who may have not given our candidate a look, and effectively community -- communicate to them about the issues they are passionate about.

They see the opportunity that

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