Rep. Jenkins: Senate Trying to Run the Clock Out

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Sept. 30 (Bloomberg) –- Rep. Lynn Jenkins,(R) Kansas, discusses the stalemate in Washington and the vote on the Stopgap measure with Pimm Fox on Bloomberg Television’s “Taking Stock.” (Source: Bloomberg)

From georgia was speaking with peter cook.

He said it is time for an endgame.

What do you make of that?

Everyone is ready to put an end to these manufactured crises.

We intend to do that to avert any kind of the shutdown.

House republicans will again act and send the bill to the senate.

It will be up to them to be responsible this evening.

Will what the house since to the senate be any different from previous versions of the bill?

Of course.

We are still listening to the american people.

What the american people are telling us is they are sick and tired of special benefits given to people who are wealthy, big business, and people in positions of power like members of congress.

Our next bill will be a continuing resolution to fund government.

Included will be a provision that ends special treatment for big businesses and members of congress and gives the rest of the american people the same carveout.

That is no enforcement on the individual mandate.

We think that is listening to the american people standing on firm footing.

We believe the senate should take that.

The notice the house will begin voting on a stopgap spending measure at 6:0015 eastern, can you give us an idea of how the vote will go?

We would not be up against this type of a deadline if the senate had bothered to show up to work this weekend.

As you know, they took a long weekend in the midst of a government shutdown while members of the house were here working.

They are trying to run the clock out.

We will get the measure to them this evening.

If they are listening to the american people, they will say no to special treatment.

They will demand fairness for all americans, as we are, joining us in keeping the government open.

You talked about fairness.

Is it fair the u.s. government could be shut down because of wrangling over a bill that has already been passed and gone to the supreme court and been found to be legal?

There is no wrangling over that.

It is the law of the land.

What we are suggesting is that there be no special carve out for the very wealthy, big business.

The president has given waivers to big businesses as it relates to obamacare.

He has given members of congress special treatment.

Our only ask is that we stop those carveouts and provide fairness for everyone.

Put an end to the special carveouts for members of congress and let my constituents, the hard-working mothers in kansas, the small businesses, get the same delay and enforcement mechanism on the individual mandate.

Having said that, is it possible to pass a stopgap spending bill and then come back later and argue about the details of the affordable care act and the kind of implementation?

The president has already laid certain portions of the bill -- has already delayed certain portions of the bill.

He has delayed a lot of it.

19 pieces have been delayed.

What does it matter to throw one more in and let the individual mandate be included with all of the other waivers and delays?

It is an issue of fairness.

If not now, when are we going to level the playing field and allow individuals all over this country to have the same treatment this president has given members of congress and big business and big donors?

We have to leave it there.

I want to thank you very much

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