Rent Hikes Hurt: Why Millions Can’t Afford Housing

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Dec. 16 (Bloomberg) -- Francesca Levy, Senior Editor at LinkedIn, runs down the top shared stories on the professional networking site on Bloomberg Television's "In The Loop."

Your top five stories that are trending right now, it is about harvard.

A harvard study that looked at rent.

The study showed that about one in four people were paying about 30% of their income in rent, and now it is about half of the people.

Quick that is horrible.

It provides from people spending anywhere else in the economy.

Quick incomplete -- in places like new york, it is normal to be a little more high.

But people are spending a little us on things like food because they need to spend on rent.

It is all about the housing boom and the housing bust.

When it happens in the home prices really high, and so they turned to renting.

And there were a lot of foreclosures, so that caused a really similar thing.

It has become unaffordable.

You wonder if this means that other things could happen to solve this?

There was a great piece about the design in silicon valley.

Actually building places for people to work at the company, because they cannot find housing.

Mayor bloomberg also talking about these micro-apartments in places to try to provide housing for people with a cheaper cost.

Laces where you need to really attract talent, there's only so it you could do by paying people more.

We a people who really want to work at a company, but the rents have become so high, or the housing prices have become so high, you have to come up with micro-apartments, or making work hours more flexible so that if people really need to live far away from the company dominic is to work.

The way companies -- it is a wonderful article, companies moving their operations to distant places to get more workers.

It is individuals who cannot afford iraq rent, but it is also companies as well.

That is true.

There are people who are living overseas who are already living in micro-apartments for rent is so much higher.

The housing itself is a topic -- segment of the population.

Might think my first apartment was a micro- apartments.

[laughter] you have the big ideas series that is launching.

There's a pretty interesting big idea for next year.

The big entrepreneur year?

Yes, our influences, the people who talk about their industry and dig about the issue that is going to have the most in 2014. he is a big booster for entrepreneurship, and an unknown converter himself -- and an entrepreneur himself.

Costs and barriers have gotten so low because the software that is available for accounting and hiring and everything else.

Companies using the cloud, using data services -- it is a very different world that companies are getting developed in now.

People are looking into not just waving to make rough it, but wait they can improve this a consensus around them.

A story, i thought i was very interesting, about how the cover but website got screwed up because of the government's approach to software.

It was a good about -- piece on advice about the software industry.

They threw it over an invisible cliff to the coders who never got any feedback or have any say on why the software works.

We're talking about him or just added you where you have small engineers and coders about working with monumental changes that are based on the things that they see that people need.

He also points out that he did not get to be an internet millionaire with other do- gooders on the internet upgrade.

Good stuff from linkedin, as always.

Thank you.

While the consumers have warmed up, now they are investing in ski jackets.

And as that time of year, banks are waiting there annual bonuses.

Stay with us "in the loop." ?

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