Renewable Heating Could Cut Bills by 45%

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Jan. 21 (Bloomberg) -- David Rae, Chief Finance Officer at Innasol, discusses why he says now is the time to switch to renewable heating alternatives. He speaks on Bloomberg Television's “The Pulse.” (Source: Bloomberg)


It is such a huge opportunity and it accounts for 38% of co2 emissions in united kingdom.

It is the single biggest contributor to our admissions.

We are investing in other renewable energy solutions and it is where the government should be focusing.

Why are they not?

They do not understand the benefits.

As we sit here today, the renewable solutions are cheaper and 45% cheaper than fossil fuels.

Oil, gas, the way that energy prices have gone up to fuel over 170% over 10 years.

It has gone up 17% on average per year.

We pay massively more than the rest of the year -- the rest of the world and america.

That is expensive and biomass in my house.

Or, is it?

Is a larger upfront cost beds the renewable heating incentive came in and is being launched in spring.

They are repaying the capital costs the cost is it is up to 50% less.

And it could be anywhere between 3-5 years i am a household and i am looking at my options here.

Give me a sense of what we could be doing.

It is a normal boiler and it burns wood.

It is a big difference.

It is as efficient as the modern gas oiler and it uses would.

It is automated.

I have my windows blown out.

They are fed into the system and there is no manual labor involved.

No longs.

Longs are a personal choice.

They are available.

Not really for the homeowner.

Thank you very much.

We are going to carry on with the dr.

Dre theme.

We will see you in a moment.

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