Remy Contreau, Diageo Sales Fall Short on China

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Oct. 17 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg News’ Clementine Fletcher reports that sales at Diageo and Remy Contreau missed estimates on weaker demand in China and emerging markets. She speaks on Bloomberg Television’s “The Pulse.”

Emerging markets story.

Will broaden out.

People have been betting on china.

It is a theme.

It is quite specific.

The idea -- they own the spirits.

They had the government shutdown . there has been a massive reduction.

You see the same thing with cognac.

Most of the revenue comes out of that.

Even though you're seeing declines, you some massive increases last year.

The emerging markets are the big bet.


You see the move to buying into emerging markets.

It looks a bit shaky and it was below estimate.

Especially turkey and east europe.

It is a read across from the nestle story.

Whether emerging markets are really funded and we are heading to sav.


They are operating on different basis in western europe.

They said that western europe was not anticipated.

The estimates that i gathered had them coming in at above estimates.

And that is surprising.


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