Relativity Makes Last-Minute Bid for Maker

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April 14 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg’s Jon Erlichman reports on Relativity Media and Disney bids for Maker studio with Stephanie Ruhle on Bloomberg Television’s “Market Makers.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Confused -- i thought this makers deal was wrapped up and done with disney over two weeks ago.

It definitely seemed that way and i suspect although disney is not commenting, it is the staff feels the same way.

What has been coming out over the last 24 hours is that there will be some kind of stakeholder vote on tuesday.

The folks at relativity are coming in at the last minute with this offer which they have changed a little bit.

We will get too specific on the numbers but you are talking about a billion-dollar deal when you put in all the parameters of what they might be be willing to pay for.

Relativity is positioning itself as a new studio.

Make film and television and represent people in sports and fashion and have talked about their interest in being a digitally savvy player.

You have a is is like maker with disgruntled former employees, including a ceo who has started a court while tied to the disney deal.

You make it sound like relativity is a cooler brand that disney, but what are they offer maker that's any better?

The relativity offer, they would potentially see put little more cash on the table potential he for some other players at relativity.

There are a lot of stakeholders in the business, so as the deal comes together, maybe some people feel as though they won't get what they deserve or who knows how that will play out?

There was a tweet from a former maker employee today hoosick jested perhaps -- who suggested they would be better under a relativity deal.

Disney did put $500 million in cash on the table and said there's another 450 million dollars in incentives if the company performs well.

Whereas in the relativity case, they are putting about $525 million in cash and stock up front -- at a time when content is king, given relativity's brand and the artists they represent code the argument be relativity could offer more in terms of original programming?

If you take what they have done and who they work with, could you say we're going to create content on maker that disney can't? that's a tough call and it's an excellent point because relativity is in the position to say we can put you in our movies and tv shows.

They've done that with the sports players they represent.

There's an opportunity to do other stuff and we know through maker there's a lot of talent that has come up through the youtube world and they are looking for the next chapter.

But there is nobody bigger than disney and disney is doing this deal in part so it can look for new talent and find a great way to market some of its big brands , the next star wars movie coming out.

I think it will be an interesting one.

West week, youtube sensation

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