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Oct. 10 (Bloomberg) -- Zola Co-Founder discusses the company's aim to reinvent the wedding registry with Emily Chang on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg West." (Source: Bloomberg)

Guilt group and others.

He is the former ceo of double- click.

I looked at the site and it looks interesting.

Anyone who has put a wedding registry together knows it is exhausting but how is this different from the current offerings out there like the knot?

We interviewed 200 couples and found a lot of pain points.

The things we changed -- the set is -- the site is aesthetically more beautiful and more personalized and you see a picture of the couple and you know where they're getting married and merchandise selection selection is so much better and faster that you can have experiences and travel and charity and ski boots, or wine3 you can put anything you want there so you can select items from virtually hundreds of different stores.

We also have new features.

You can have buying tummy tuck.

We can coordinate the shipping so you don't have fox's arriving at your house willy-nilly.

We just reinvented the entire wedding registry process.

That was needed.

I went on their and there were lots of interesting things but i could not put pottery barn or crate and barrel on there.

Are those retailers you want to partner with?

In some ways, we really curated.

We will have hundreds of items from all over the place for it right now, don't have items from pottery barn but we will go directly to the brand and eventually have thousands of items.

Just about anything you want over time, we will have on zola.

It is a special day for brides and grooms.

They are frustrated right now but i think it will be a new experience on zola and i think they will like it.

What is the business opportunity here?

Will you take a cut of each sale?

We are a retailer so we will get a percentage of anything we sell from the product being sold.

It should be a good business.

What you focus on when you start a new company is you wake up and think only about that consumer experience on that bride and that groom and the most special day in their life.

We want to be a part of making that a great experience.

We think we have.

Would you say this is another iteration of another e- commerce company some of them have struggled.

They are having layoffs and changing models.

How do you get the e-commerce model right?

If you have the right model in the beginning, it works fine.

Guilt today is doing the same thing.

They are selling their items at a discount like they did six years ago.

It is growing and making money.

There are a lot of models that are working but not all of them will work.

That is inherent in the entire business.

When you have an opportunity like this which is a $10 billion opportunity, wedding registries, and no one is excited about the current offerings, that's when i smell an opportunity.

I think this will be a very successful company.

The wedding area in general needs to be reinvented.

Pinterest has become huge in the wedding business.

It is just starting to roll out ads.

Do you considerpinterest a competitor?

It's a great site where people put ideas down.

We are really an e-commerce site with a backend that links to all of our different brands.

There are many things we offer that pinterest is not in the business of doing.

People get ideas on pinterest

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