Reducing Heat Loss Through Tinted Windows

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Feb. 17 (Bloomberg) -- Andrew Stone, Operation Development Manager at Zenith Homes, discusses energy and money saving products from Zenith Homes. He speaks on Bloomberg Television's “The Pulse.” (Source: Bloomberg)

A double glazed window.

This year, this is a double glazed window.

This is when double glazing started.

The difference between this and this, love bring this into flame -- frame.

What is the difference to my home?

There is a number of factors at play.

The basic principle of the differences between the more modern window is an increase of the size of the gap between the size of the -- between the glass.

It helps to prevent the passage of heat and makes it more efficient.

The glass on the outside is more clear and allows more of the sun 's energy to pass into the home.

At least one of the other panes as a reflective coating.

We have year to talk about sheets of glass and we want to know about the impact that this has on a carbon footprint and energy efficiency for homes, as well as government schemes.

Should we be think about this are changing our boiler?

Give me the economic story.

We offer a number of projects.

Condensing the boiler is inefficient product to someone who does not have a boiler and the amount of fuel you can save is significant.

Double glazed windows will be more and -- what is the return?

It is dependent on the fuel source that the consumer is using.

You are talking, and realistic terms, of hundreds of pounds and it can scale up, depending on what temperature they run their homes that.

Is government doing enough?

Government is trying to manage our carbon target.

Are they doing enough to push these type of things?

I think there is always more that can be done for the consumer and it benefits the energy bills and the environment.

I would like to see things like consideration to a reduction of value added taxes.

It is not uncommon that a low value added tax is enjoyed.

Thank you for joining us.

Thank you for that.

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