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Sept. 25 (Bloomberg) -- Rob Glaser, founder and CEO at Real Networks, describes the company’s new cloud video service that allows easy sharing of personal content on any platform. He speaks on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg West.”

Exciting for two reasons.

One is we are solving a really hard and important problem, which is making video work.

There has been an explosion of all of these devices, different ways for people to create and play videos, notches on their pc but on their phone, their tablets, on their digitally- connected television.

It is a mess trying to get it all to work.

Our new products, realplayer cloud, is we think the first product that makes it work.

The second reason i think it is exciting as it takes real back to its roots.

We brought the first streaming products to the internet, made the internet, live with audio and video, and so we are not taking this claudia rep and -- cloud era and doing the same thing, which is making video possible and easy, much different than it has been before.

Would have been a big is problem up until now you?

Into not work, would be the simple answer.

If you dig a video on your iphone and send it to somebody who has an android, it is not play.

As crazy as that found theodore if you take a five-minute video of your k's soccer game, and you want to send it to someone, unless you want to put on youtube and have it be public, you have to chop it up into one minute increments.

So there is all these crazy stuff you have to do to make video work, and role player clout is the first product that just handles all that stuff automatically behind the scenes, you put it in the cloud, make it really easy for you to share it, easy for you to play it on all your devices, and easy for you to keep a permanent copy so that if your phone gets run over by a car, you do not lose all that amazing video.

What is the technological events that make that possible now where was not before?

With a lot of experience in video, so we created technology called sure play that does all of the cloud transcoding, reformatting.

It is a commendation of applying a lot of -- it is a combination of applying a lot of technology and the fact that with the cloud services, all of this is interconnected.

In order to roll the product out, we did not have to build our own cloud infrastructure pier and we are using web services, a couple of different ones out there that one good used.

That means we could -- could use.

We do not have to build all of the physical infrastructure.

We could layer on top of it.

The model is a premium model, so you get -- everybody in the u.s. and canada starting today gets two gigabytes for free, about one hour of high death or two or three hours of lower definition video, depending on what you do.

We sell additional storage and additional capabilities.

Inez plans are for dollars m we have a $10 month -- the next plan is five dollars a month, we have a $10 a month plan, $30 a month plan.

Other folks that demonstrated it works.

Based on early resource, we are optimistic.

What are the uptake rates?

For those kind of companies, inbox and so on.

Overtime, obviously today you put out, people are just using it, filling their bucket so to speak or to overtime, you had to get to 4%, upsell rate over a broad user base because people were active is obviously a higher percentage, but that is of the broad-based.

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