RealNetworks Launches Gamehouse Casino

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July 31 (Bloomberg) -- RealNetworks Founder and CEO Rob Glaser discusses online gambling with Cory Johnson on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg West." (Source: Bloomberg)

The first social casino gaming that integrates the chance to win money in the u.s.. but they have come up with a way to do it.

There is a big push where they have a look at it.

Famously zynga looked at it and backed away.

First of all, what is the game?

How does it work?

The way we are doing is integrating casino +plus with a sweepstakes.

But you win when you are playing the game is a golden ticket that can be used to enter the sweepstakes.

There is a drawing once per month in once per month everyone will win, one person from the whole group gets a chance.

How many states is this legal in?

31 plus the district of columbia.

We basically picked a big footprint, 70% of u.s. users.

The rules are very specific, state-by-state.

We have figured out the rules and assault for those federal laws.

Because of the nature of the sweepstakes, we did what mcdonald's did, sweepstakes are well understood and as long as we follow the rules of the cookbook.

Obviously there is great demand for gambling all over the country.

All over the world.

It is one of the oldest professions, right?

It is a sweepstakes, it is not considered gambling, you do not have to play to enter, there is an alternative means of entry.

You can go to our website and just sign up for the sweepstakes without playing the game, we think we are capturing is the excitement.

Lots of people go to play because they are excited about the chance to win money.

Casino plus is the first game that captures the excitement in a different way, through the form of sweepstakes.

Talk about the social experience partnering in that.

We are launching on the facebook platform, which is a great platform to launch on, you can roll things out step by step.

Have facebook lawyers look at this?

Every platform we are on has to make sure that things are kosher from their standpoint.

We have made sure that all of our partners understand the rigor that we are applying.

On the phone you told us that you tested this in illinois.


Why illinois?

It has to play in peoria.

We went back to nixon.

Doesn't everything?

5% of our u.s. users, that is a pretty big bass, and it is not new york or california, so we could do the test without a lot of publicity and see how it worked and tweak it if necessary.

I think that zynga is an object lesson for many, but when you look at them, a tremendous success, lots of difficulty, looking at the real money gaming business, what lessons have you taken?

We made the decision nine months ago not to pursue real money gaming based on the view that public policy changes very slowly, like swimming through molasses.

You can get there, but it is very slow.

The idea was to try a different approach for a similar objective.

The similar objective of integrating bemis with ways to capture the excitement of making money.

We spent the last nine months building that.

It was not that surprising to us to see others reached the conclusion that there is real money gaming through direct gambling type things.

That bill take a long time to change in the u.s.. the laws exist in 50 different states.

There is a whole batch work rules and regulations, networking within the framework that exist today rather than building a strategy predicated on a big change.

That was the founder and ceo

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