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March 12 (Bloomberg) -- Spritz CEO and Co-Founder Frank Waldman discusses the company’s reading technology on Bloomberg Television's “Bloomberg Surveillance.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Model -- market.

This is interesting, particularly for those with older eyes.

You have no time to watch a video, no time to look at an advertisement.

Our attention spans, well, they are the length of a gnat.

It is technology to allow for more readable and faster reading.

Spritz chief executive officer joins us to discuss.

It is an apt.

It is not an app.

But it is on your phone and i get to read better.

It is integrated into webpages and apps.

It streams words in a special way.

It was the recognition point in a word in the same place.

As your streaming these words, your eye can recognize them without moving.

Why is it different than just a bigger font?

I'm a six weeks from having one letter per scoring -- per screen.

It turns out your eye has a range that he can perceive a word, recognize a word.

The larger the word, still the eye has to find that point.

Like you cannot process so many characters at a time?

It turns out, 13 characters, with conference in.

What does research show when it comes to how we best retain the information and process that information?

It is all about focus.

With the streaming technology and if you're eye doesn't move, you can retain the word.

The problem is when you move your eye, you lose focus and some now are jumping to the next word.

Your brain is thinking about getting to the next word.

People skim a lot -- forget about old farts like me, does max abelson need your software?

You would love this.

You would be able to just consume information.

I don't want anyone disabled to make fun of me, but my friends and i are going to be starting a book club reading proofs.


Yes, i'm a cool guy.


They named a vegetable after him.

I'll have the chicken parmesan.

This is "bloomberg surveillance." continue.

You mentioned focus, retention.

I feel like when you're reading to really absorb the words and be moved by what you're reading, can he still do that?

Kenny read poetry or a novel?

Originally i would say no.

Spritz is for your social post, e-mail, news.

You are consuming it.

A book you really want to enjoy.

I would have said no.

We have had millions of people in the last two weeks since we went public talk to us about how they would like to use it.

We a people who would like to see poetry this way.

It is kind of like a treadmill.

The words coming at you.

It is effortless.

You just consume the information.

Perhaps if you are a publisher and want to publish information this way, you would change the speed of this, the cadence of reading to give enjoyment to your readers.

So you can slow it down?

The publisher can determine how it plays to you.

Does this principle apply for other languages which uses phrases instead of individual characters for comprehension?

It is different.

We are working with samsung for the first and limitation.

Korea and is a very dense language.

You're looking at syllables as opposed to individual letters.

It is different.

Chinese is different yet again.

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