Rdio Partnership Makes Sense: Cumulus CEO

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Sept. 27 (Bloomberg) -- Cumulus Media CEO Lewis Dickey and Rdio CEO Drew Larner discuss their recently announced partnership. They speak with Jon Erlichman on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg West." (Source: Bloomberg)

Whenever we see partnerships, people are interested in who made the first phone call?

Had a this is started?

Jury when i had a meeting -- drew and i had a meeting.

One of those introductory meetings.

We were incredibly impressed with their technology and vision.

We were looking for a digital audio component to go with our broad cast distribution.

It really made sense.

We are improved with -- impressed with drew and is seen.

-- we were impressed with drew and his team.

I think of pandora, it seems that you are able to jump past the process.

You hit on the head.

We want to have a product.

This allows us to jump into it by accessing this amazing company that moves -- that they have built.

In addition, the other big strategic element to this deal is the awareness.

There are millions of listeners on the channels.

That is a great opportunity to bring the word out to people who will love the service.

If i think about the empire that cumulus is becoming through the deals, lots of talk and news, lots of sports.

It feels like you have taken a different path.

When people think of pandora, a lot of rap and alternative rock.

It seems that a different path.

That is true.

We have organized our company around those content verticals.

Countries where we are rolling out our first multiplatform.

-- country is where we are rolling out our first multiplatform.

We are organized around those content verticals.

One of the misnomers is in terms of radio listening, not only is the reach of 93% of the country, but the time spent listening is in norman sprayed it is two thirds of all audio consumption.

That is going to shift over time.

Things move slowly.

One of the things we are talking about is digital audio has four principal components.

The custom playlists, the feature of creating mix tapes of yesterday.

It is a feature.

It is not radio.

The third would be the national channels.

Sirius does that.

We're going to take the great content from the west would dow acquisition -- westwood dial acquisition.

The last would be streaming of local broadcast signals.

It is a very interesting app.

It will combine four of the elements that make up digital audio.

They were something like that out there today.

Before we wrap things up, is there a possibility that the music and video world could come together?

We are figuring it with these platforms are going to be.

Even with what you are exploring those avenues.

Could you see more of the subscription business is coming together?

Why -- absolutely.

We have a video service market currently.

Our goal is to bundle the products together.

We think that could be compelling.

Lots to watch for.

Thank you to both of you.

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