Rdio Deal Streams Music to Live Nation Customers

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July 29 (Bloomberg) -- Drew Larner, CEO at Rdio explains the benefits for the streaming service teaming with Live Nation to provide songs on the concert promoters' website, directly targeting music fans shopping for concert tickets. He spoke on Friday's Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg West."

Jon erlichman is it lay with more.

-- l.a. with more.

It be a savvy deal with rdio.

It is a streaming service, perhaps in a deal to do it more than spotify.

He joins us -- the ceo joins us now.

Why don't you explain exactly how this partnership is going to work?

We are the official streaming sponsor of live nation.com as well the sponsoring a number of their festivals.

Just this past weekend, we were the sponsor of the country music festival.

We had presence and a charging station where people could bring their devices and the power runs down, we help the power up.

We told him to go listen to the play list we created to it is a real melding of life music experience and streaming.

Does this can say step closer to you go to a concert or live nation or justin timberlake or whenever it you remember the play list and next day you wanted in this something you can get faster perhaps because of something like this?

You hit it on the head.

This is something i have been looking up.

It's a natural connection.

You just saw the show.

You saw justin timberlake.

We'll going to tell the people to come to rdio.

It is a powerful direct seamless integration between the two mediums.

What is the potential here for building your business?

You have a fast-growing subscriber business?

Have you given any thought to how many subscribers this deal alone can add but mark we do a lot of modeling.

We do not publicly announce our numbers.

The best and live entertainment , it's a cool for.

We are excited.

It does seem based on how your platform works, technology wise, this of the spotify could not do.

Would you agree with that is mark but i do not comment on the -- would you agree with that?

I do not comment on other companies.

Less talk about what is going to happen in the streaming world of for next year or so.

A lot of your current country for the existing music labels, there is going to be some going back to the table across the industry.

For different things from the music labels him a for example they want it to be more seamless if you are switching between one service to the next.

Can i keep the similar play?

What is going to happen?

The business is ever-changing.

There are new people coming into it.

We are focused on what we are doing.

We have had lots of growth over the course of the year.

. when the metrics we look to its app store rating.

Today, we were number one in the app store.

We hit that number for the first time in a june.

I think it is a good indicator of the growth we are seeing both in the u.s. and many territories.

Last time we spoke with us , it was about video.

Your version of netflix which is very much alive.

What is going on with that business?

There is so much attention of netflix these days.

Do you think netflix will feel the need to move into the music streaming business is mark as -- this is as rare as a synergy, is it working?

Video is not a subscription service.

It is day after broadcast.

It is transitional.

What we are working on with video is iterate in this direction is a subscription offering so the bundled them both together and get rdio and video for one price.

The research you have done would suggest that people want all of that stuff in the same place?

The notion of being able to pay one price for your music am of video, that is a powerful -- what your business is worth, i can ask you if you want to go public monday.

I i know you guys have a lot of money and patient investors.

I wonder what your goal is in terms of how big you want this to be or how big you think it can be read we think of netflix.

That is a broad question and a tough one to answer.

The best way to approach it is a we -- our vision is to have a

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