Razer’s Nabu Smartband: Not Just for Gamers

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Jan. 7 (Bloomberg) –- Razer CEO Min-Liang Tan discusses his company’s newest products and the tech and gaming trends for 2014 with Pimm Fox on Bloomberg Television’s “Taking Stock.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Electronics show the edge tablet won best in show.

For more on the excitement, i am joined by the chief executive of razor.

Thank you for joining us.

Start off by explaining that gamers live in a different world when it comes to the requirements they need from their computers.


Gamers are really demanding when it comes to the computers, the gear.

It is a whole new world.

To give us some ideas of what they wanted from last year's consumer electronics show.

You one with the edge gaming tablets.


It was the first time ever we have designed a something to allow the gamers to bring the games anywhere.

It was always the holy grail to bring it where ever you are.

What we did was we designed all of the power into something fan and super light.

It took the world by storm.

It has been a huge success for us.

As far as this tablet goes, are you going to improve on that version or create something brand-new?

We will be working on it.

This time we have a whole slew of new products.

We are trying to live up to the expectations.

Winning the best of ces -- we have times of fans writing in an voting for us.

The expectations are superhigh for us.

Can you describe how the tablet differs from more conventional desktop models?

Pretty much tablets tend to be great for consuming media, watching movies.

The problem is traditional tablets do not have the horsepower to run some of the latest games.

The kind of machines that be able to run some of these games tend to be really thick and heavy because of the amount of power required.

We combined that amount of power into something superthin and put it into a form that gamers can bring along.

That is the razer edge tablet.

Your party produced a bracelet.

This is moving into a different form factor.

Tell us how that fits into the whole system.

Expectations are superhigh.

This is the razer nabu that we are showing off for the first time.

What we are trying to do is to help users to live smarter.

I can talk a little bit about about what it --about what it does.

It is not a smart watch that some of you might have heard of.

It is not a fitness band.

It is a smart band.

It does notifications from your smart phone to your wrist.

I've got a message coming in.

You can see a little envelope to say i have a message coming in.

If you look at -- i will send you my message of thanks.

Chief executive of razer.

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