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Sept. 18 (Bloomberg) -- On today's "The Roundup," Colony Capital's Tom Barrack and Bloomberg's Adam Johnson, Trish Regan, Matt Miller and Olivia Sterns wrap up the day’s top market stories on Bloomberg Television's "Street Smart." (Source: Bloomberg)

It is time for the roundup.

These are the stories we are tracking ahead of tomorrow's open.

The securities and exchange commission agreed to a draft rule which requires public companies to disclose how much more the chief executive he earns -- the chief executive earns them the rank-and-file employee.

This is mandated under the 2010.-frank -- 2010 dodd-frank law.

It lets companies use a statistical sampling to create the ratio.

I look at company xyz and finds out the seat -- and find out the ceo makes 11.3 times more than the lowest employee , who, let's say, might be a truck driver.

It is not the lowest paid employee.

Where do you determine rank- and-file?

It is obviously a redacted list -- a ridiculous rule that wants to spur -- made by somebody who wants to spur class warfare.

It is an attempt to rein in what has been a runaway ceo pay.

-- what has been runaway ceo pay.

Jpmorgan is saying goldman sachs is paying lloyd blankfein x, we have to pay jamie dimon -- shouldn't it be left to shareholders?

I would think the spirit of the law is to provide full disclosure.

They want to add one more loaded statistic.

Because without knowing a whole lot more about what the ceo does , what role he has in creating wealth for the company and for the shareholders, without knowing a whole lot of other stuff, it does not tell you anything other than serve to up for the public -- to uproar the public.

If you are a pension fund with a social responsibility, that might -- it might compare exxon's wal- mart -- compare exxon to walmart.

I knew this would fire people up.

The reviews are in apple -- are in.

Apple's fingerprint technology -- people are raving about it.

A tech critic and close confidant of steve jobs called it "game changing." is it enough to change the minds on wall street?

The stock is down 8% since the phil -- the phone was unveiled.

Tom barrack, a lot of the concern is related to them not having a phone that can compete pricewise in emerging markets.

China was a great example of something that did not work out the way they thought.

The whole world is going to do lettering -- to do what is better and cheaper and easier.

Apple will get theirs.

The average price in china is now several hundred dollars for this new iphone.

You are considered upper middle- class and shanghai if you make $14,000. it is amazing -- upper-middle- class in shanghai if you make $14,000. it is amazing.

We have had fingerprint technology on our bloomberg terminals for a decade.

The fact that the only upgrade -- but now you're getting it on your phone.

That's the only thing you do in a whole year?

The colors.

It comes in five colors.

A lot of reviewers have been impressed by how well the fingerprint technology works.

One said he tested all 10 of his fingers and even his toe.

That is a little weird.

I don't think my bloomberg would work on my toe.

I think bloomberg is smart enough to know it should not take my toe.

Blackberry is -- has unveiled its latest device.

It is a five-inch smartphone, the first to use blackberry's new operating system.

It will be available in the u.k. and middle east starting next week.

Blackberry accounts for just 3% of smart phones sold this year.

It is bleeding market share.

I was intrigued when we had a couple of guests on the show a couple of weeks ago.

Perhaps you could ultimately put blackberry instant messaging on other devices, spin it off . they do have a proprietary network.

I would think there is more value in that.

A lot of ceos still have a blackberry in their pocket.

It shows you how quickly things can change in the tech universe.

A few years ago, blackberry was absolutely it.

Then apple came along.

I have both.

I have both, too.

You have both?

Get rid of it.

I don't even want to do stories on the blackberry anymore, it is so boring.

The detroit bailout may have been -- at least the automotive company manufacturer bailout may have been worth the price tag.

The treasury department has sped up its share sales.

The current stock prices, if you extrapolate them out, will show that taxpayers lost only $10 million on the investment.

In exchange, we saved, at least according to the center for automotive research, 1.1 4 million jobs -- 1.14 million jobs.

Those people -- it would have cost $30 billion in unemployment benefits.

And now we have the awesome cars that gm is turning out, the impolitic -- impala one, the silverado, which won consumer reports best truck.

It's an incredible recovery story.

It has been an incredible turnaround.

The depth of the crisis, 2008, here comes fiat, rescuing chrysler, this detroit giant.

Today, fiat says it is about to go public any day with chrysler because it wants to regain full control.

Fiat really needs chrysler to turn around because it is losing market share in europe.

The difference is gm makes great cars.

Come on.

They don't actually want to go public.

They are using it as a bargaining chip.

I'm a i'm looking at starbucks -- i'm looking at starbucks . they are now asking gun owners to leave their weapons at home or in their cars.

Starbucks was formally embraced by gun rights activists four- color meeting -- activists four- color rating guns inside its company stores.

Today, the ceo requested patrons stop ringing guns into the store.

-- stop bringing guns into the store.

I don't really want to be in starbucks with a bunch of people with guns.

Why would you need an assault rifle to order a pumpkin latte?

Adam has a .357 magnum.

Does he leave it in his rover while he goes to order his coffee?

It is a browning 12 gauge.

Droves of pro-gun rights activists were showing up at starbucks across the country.

You walk into order a cappuccino.

There are dozens of armed men just hanging out.

I think i would feel a lot safer, to be honest.

You don't want people leaving their guns in cars.

That is dangerous.

If you have a gun, you have to hold it on you.

Are you done?



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