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Jan. 31 (Bloomberg) –- Rock Paper Photo CEO Mark Halpern discusses collecting pop culture photography and turning them into an online photo gallery. He speaks with Deirdre Bolton on Bloomberg Television’s “Money Moves.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Collection of photos like this could be monetized?

I came from the photo licensing business.

I met hundreds of photographers who are really focused on what happened the night before.

Frankly, i was decorating my office but they were not doing anything else with it.

They were focused on, it is not news today so i will leave these negatives in a shoebox under my bed.

There was all this buried treasure out there and i was enjoying it personally, and i knew others would enjoy it.

My party, -- partner, guy os eary, is also a photographer and a collector.

We started talking about it, and he saw the problem from the other end.

He's like, why can't i buy all these photos?

Photos are taken every day of celebrities and musicians.

It's hard to find them.

He was having people who work for him going scour album covers, call these photographers.

These people did not know how to print photographs.

We have been referring and showing the beatles, 1964 shots.

You have a lot of rock 'n roll shots.

It obviously space to your background and your partner's background.

Music is a strength of the company.

So many of the photographers who shot the beatles in 1964, if you were a photojournalist at the time, you are also shooting mohamed aly and jfk.

It was a natural extension from music into celebrity and sports and fashion.

What differentiates you from other online wall art?

I would sum it up by saying that we are selling a limited edition.

It is not mass-market.

We have unique and rare photography.

We spent a lot of time trying to find the photos that are not out there, that have never been seen.

The other online wall art companies, they have some amazing photos.

They have iconic photos.

Generally if you go into your neighbor's home, you will see a lot of these photos.

If you come to rock paper photo and buy a print, you will hang something on your wall that is unique and special.

How important is mobile?

Are people looking on smart phones and buying from their?


Mobile is very important, primarily for browsing.

I do think people like to see it on a bigger screen.

At least a tablet.

But for browsing, it's incredibly important.

We just relaunched our website and now it is an incredible browsing experience.

You can go down a rabbit hole.

That is what happens.

People who visit our site spend an enormous amount of time on the site.

It is actually shockingly high.

You get lost.

I know you have a huge following and business in the u.s. you have a joint venture in japan.

Is there such a hunger for u.s. pop-culture and images from our pop-culture in other countries -- i assume japan is a lead.

Japan has an insatiable appetite for american pop- culture.

I would say that is true globally, but if you have too on the second-biggest market, i would say it is -- narrow on the second-biggest market, i would say it is japan.

Putting the u.k. aside for a moment, it is japan.

What is next for your company?

The world has changed.

Everyone is a photographer today and there is so much talent out

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