RadiumOne Said to Be Preparing IPO

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March 10 (Bloomberg) -- RadiumOne, a San Francisco online-advertising network, is in the final stages of preparations for an initial public offering, people with knowledge of the matter said. Cory Johnson reports on Bloomberg Television's “Bloomberg West.” (Source: Bloomberg)

You have got a scoop on them.

Class one of the interesting ad networks out there.

It is preparing for an ipo.

The company is getting ready for an ipo meeting with bankers.

Interesting information from people familiar with the matter.

They expect to do greater than $100 million in revenue this year.

Smaller than competitors such as rocket fuel -- both companies have gone public recently.

Rocket fuel offered an amazing start with a fantastic -- i think the stock of rocket fuel, i think maybe the success of the stock has really shown -- you look at rocket fuel, 78% up.

Since last fall.

Pretty a has had a fantastic run lately.

Filing for that ipo, secondary as well.

That great run -- by comparison, it is not as big in terms of at [indiscernible] pretty oh is number six.

Rocket fuel is a smaller company.

Is when what you mean.

-- explain what you mean.

[indiscernible] the largest of all the ad networks is google.

Number one on the list of top 20. radium is number nine.

What an advertiser does, they decide what kind of -- they want to advertise to a male 18-24 in the last 24 hours has look at the seeker advertising page, and they want to send them an ad for shoes.

They want to send it to them in the next 10 seconds.

They goes one anna edwards and go all over the internet and find a user.

It is programmatic advertising.

These networks developed away from the likes of google.

That is what the site does.

That is what rocket fuel does.

They also hired a new chief financial officer.

They expect this woman to be the last thing they need.

They are picking bankers right now and the ipo is expected in the third quarter of this year.

Qwest all right.

We will follow it in its road to ipo purely want to talk about instagram inking its first ad deal with on the calm, a deal

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