RadioShack's Q2 Revenue Beats Estimates

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July 23 (Bloomberg) -- Julie Hyman reports on RadioShack's second-quarter earnings on Bloomberg Television's "Street Smart." (Source: Bloomberg)

The not stay.

And higher sales pellett yes, the company was touting in its release a comparable sales increase of 1.3%, which has not happened in a long time for radioshack.

At least not since 2012. the company makes it clear itself the strategy they were going for.

They said today that their strategy was to move through unproductive inventory and test a variety of promotional vehicles and that they knew that this would happen and they were trying to identify opportunities to better align promotional marketing going forward.

Traditionally the sales look good and they went up but then it was asked -- at what price?

Covering the stock they said, the increase that we saw, $10 million, that cost was 290 basis points in gross margin.

They try to really turn around to rejigger the business, what prices?

Trying to turn this around, looking at the earnings they lost, expected to lose another 90 cents this year.

They cannot seem to make any money.

It is painful.

We talked about this a couple of weeks ago when there was a report that they had hired an adviser to look into their finances.

Relevance is a big issue for radioshack.

It is not thought of as being current.

The company did confirm today that they hired peter solomon co.

And alex partners advisers , moving into planet fitness.

The company talked about its cash debt position that total liquidity $818 million.

Most analysts are saying that the turnaround efforts might work, but they need to work quickly.

Calling, you might have something to add here.

The brand itself?

In this tech savvy age?


I think that have my battery club card here somewhere.

The question that investors ask me, would anyone like amazon or microsoft like it?

Turn it into a store?

And amazon showcase store?

But i have no.

Buys and is the -- jeff, the contributing editor here, you know him well, this morning he said that maybe they were getting themselves ready for sale, but the question is, who would buy it?

No one really has an answer.

As i said, the ceo had the concept store, you just saw the footage.

We did do some reporting on some of that.

We also looked at the issue of inventory and sales, but consumer electronics, you want to keep that moving quickly.

Sales have still been -- even though they got a bit positive, generally they have been lagging.

You do not want that inventory hanging around.

That have not.

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