RadioShack's Problem Is Not Its Balance Sheet

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July 12 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg's Julie Hyman reports on the earnings, sales and outlook for the consumer electronics store. She speaks on "Market Makers."

By the end of the day, but they came out this morning and said at the end of the last quarter we had $820 million in liquidity.

They also said like many companies we have discussions with investment banks from time to time to a bus evaluate ways to further strengthen our balance sheet and manage it efficiently.

This is routine.

Debtwire reported yesterday that they're looking for pitches to work on its finances.

But analysts say that in less last quarter was really terrible, the balance sheet is not their biggest problem.

Eight of the last nine quarters they've seen the climbing sales, they posted -- declining sales and they are projected to keep losing.

It enterprise value down 90% of the past 10 years.

What is the problem here, as we've seen similar problems for best buy that they've turned it around?

It is more of a relevant issue for radioshack.

They gave consumers in a place to buy electronics in the 1990's. but now target and other retailers are in that business in a offering competition.

I talked to someone who said he was trying to figure out where to buy a new mobile phone, his mother wanted a new verizon phone and he suggested why don't you go to radioshack?

And she said there is a radioshack radioshack just of the street, that is where i buy your father's hearing aid batteries.

That is the audience we are talking about that they might have a little issue.

It is a problem it speaks to the relevance, and the declining sales.

We have heard the word bigots he mentioned in the context of the company, what you hear their -- we've heard the word bankruptcy mentioned in the context of the company.

If they are burning through cash, they're not burning through it at a quick enough rate for to happen right now.

It is a still further out.

What is the deal with paris hilton will she work with radioshack?

Pardon me for saying so, but if relevance is what you're looking for i'm not sure paris hilton is who you're looking for.

Perez hilton captured this image of paris shopping and buying some stuff at a radioshack on the west coast.

But she doesn't do with them or anything?

Not that we know of.

Maybe she's shopping for a

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